Monday, April 12, 2010

So, here's my baseball card post - Topps Million

Again, due to lack of buying any cards and no posts, I decided to post the 4 cards that I'm inputting now from the Topps Million Card give-away thing.

This little program has cooled down a bit, but still going strong.

So, for my first card, as expected, a modern day card:

Post Season Highlights Card 2005 - meh.

Next up:

A Carl Taylor Topps card from 1974.

Not bad.

Third card:

Andre Dawson!  Score!!!!!  -.-

Ugh....let the pain stop.....

Last card:

Ryan Zimmerman - 2006

I kept saying to myself - just wait, just wait....sigh......

I seriously need a card binge - maybe I'll hit up Target this week....oh yeah baby...

More later!