Sunday, May 30, 2010

Finally, time for a post and then some!

What's up guys!

Long time, no post.  But I'm assuming ya'll been busy watching that Strasburg auction on Ebay to really care - but hey, that's ok!

Anyway, the bid on my second house went through, so that's why I haven't posted much; my apartment is in shambles as I'm starting to prep and pack and since my move is less than a month away, I opted not to buy anymore just in case the stuff gets shipped to the wrong address, which has happened before.

What I have done is buy a few packs and bought some stuff on Ebay; the pack buying will probably continue, but in the mildest sense, but the Ebay stuff is coming to a complete halt in a week - anything after that and there's a pretty damn good chance the stuff will get sent to the wrong address and it'll turn into some kind of nightmare.

Anyway, let's get to the cards!

Drew over at Drew's Cards hooked it up!

I needed every single card here; I've picked up some Chicle and I haven't scanned those cards yet; I'm hoping to do another, larger post before I have to temporarily pause the blogging; mostly because number ONE - my comp will be packed up and number TWO - I won't have internet haha

The A&G Relic is one that I needed and the Chicle I needed - I really did need every card!
Thanks again Drew!

Next up:

A very pleasant surprise from David from E Rayhahn Rayhahn - dude remembered!!

Again, he was kind enough to remember that I was going to try to complete Chicle and he hooked me up with some stuff he picked up - MUCH appreciated!!!

The Hamilton at the top is a Chicle back, so that's pretty damn cool.  I think my issue is that the Chicle back has way too many backs.  As per the Ginter set that I've been trying to complete, I don't care what the back is.

Ok, next a few Ebay pick ups:

You know, I was REALLY surprised to pick up this Fukudome for my set for the price that I did.  First of all, his Goodwin relic does not appear at auction very often - it's limited to 100 copies (not numbered) and when it does come up, it goes for way more than the $2.50 that I spent on it.  This brings my needs down to checklist to 5 cards till completing the Goodwin Relic set.  I'm missing: Tiger, Bill Cody, Yaz, Lyndon Johnson, and Ted Williams.  The Tiger and Yaz are easy, but the last 3....IF ANY OF YOU SEE THIS COME UP FOR AUCTION, HOLLA AT ME - I'LL GIVE YOU A FINDERS FEE IF I CAN OBTAIN THE CARD!

Ok, enough of that. 


Yuppers, Moose Skowron.  Another card that went for decent coin when this set came out - I use to get outbid for it in the $15 to $20 range all the time; patience was good for me I guess as I picked it up for about $2.  One more off the checklist.  I've seen the Lebron and the Jeter come up and hell....they're super expensive - might have to add those two names on the END of my needs list haha


Yes, that's a REAL Sherry Magee, Sweet Caporal back.  And NO it's not the $40,000 error.  I did get a very good deal on this card and I'll never leave my beloved T206's behind (not the new crap, the vintage stuff).  You know what's funny is that I bitch and complain about a $5 or $10 card but I'll pay $100's all day long for the vintage stuff lol  I got a super good deal on this for only $45.  I'm debating whether or not to get it graded as I'm sure it'll add value.  Actually, I have a grip of cards that I need to get graded, but with no time, haven't had a chance to send it to SGC.

Lastly - as I mentioned before, I'm packing and getting ready for my move.  In doing so, I decided to list about 5 cards on Ebay to help pay for costs - nothing big dollar, but more done so to get rid of some cards that could help pay for boxes and supplies, like packing tape.

Well, I was going through my cards to pick out 5 to get rid of and I swear, it's like treasure hunting only because half the time, I don't pay attention to what I have. 

Case in point:

Simple Lebron right?  Not quite.  This is a Skybox 2008-09 Lebron James Close Ups insert.  This one is apparently the Ruby version.

Here's the back:

I had NO idea this was worth anything - just thought it was another numbered insert and shoved in a box and forgot about it.

I did a quick search and much to my surprise, the Kevin Garnett version (ruby) was DENIED a BEST OFFER REQUEST of $134.00.  WTH???

I mean, I know it ain't a Strassburg, but man, that's a some decent coin for something that isn't autographed or has a relic.

Again, I love treasure hunting hahaha

Ok, I'll try to do a few more posts before I have to go offline for awhile.  But not to worry, I hope to at least secure a few more decent items before then!

Hope ya'll are doing good and your collection is kick-ass!!!



Monday, May 17, 2010

Whoa...yeah, so what?

It must be full fledged baseball season as my allergies are kicking it up into high gear!

Drew messaged me today and asked where I was.....well......

Remember that house thing a couple of months ago?  Well, I gave up on the house and chased after a BIGGER house.  THIS time, it looks like it's going through.  So all the monies I would have spent (well, not ALL) on cards, I had to pull back.

I've already put down $8,000.00 towards escrow and now I'm holding onto another $10,000.00 for the rest of the fees and bullshit.

That's $18,000.00 that could have gone towards one hell of a ramp up of my collection.  My bidding days at Heritage Auctions, REA, etc etc, have come to a screeching halt.

One things for sure - you just can't take away certain bugs!  So with that said, look forward to a very nice and sizable update this week - I'll be buying a couple of boxes and a few packs so you can see what I pull - and yes, it'll all be Chicle!!!!