Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm here, I'm here, I'm here!

Sorry, but buying a house is a pain in the ass!!

And I can count on one hand the number of packs I've bought in the last 2 weeks!  Sad sad sad!

I usually spend $40 to $60 a week on packs (not including ebay crap) and that's dwindled down to pretty much nothing at the moment. 

Even my Ebay cue is down to like 8 watched cards, which I really don't care too much about.  And I haven't been able to update my poor little rookie blog!  Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

I will try to update tonight - I'm inching closer on the house and if all goes as plan, which it probably won't, but if it does, it leaves me with the tedious task of starting to pack my belongings.

Everytime I move, I make it a point to "lighten" the load - that is, I'm throwing stuff away left and right and putting stuff on Ebay and, well, you get the point.  The stuff I don't sell on Ebay, I'll probably just donate too Goodwill.  But with the cards, mostly because they're too new and no one wants to buy them - I'm mailing them all out to you.  In other words, an epic mail day of a hodgepodge of crap that just needs to get to a new home because I don't want to lug in down three flight's of stairs!

Ok, more later - promise!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Nice, back from the trip and a card - only one..grrr


Back from the trip and who knew I'd seem some freaking snow in hot-ass Palm Springs, Cali?  I sure as heck didn't - rode a tram about half a mile up (10K feet above sea level) and saw this.......

That was just crazy!  And it was freezing!  It was 88 degrees below where you see the city, and then 10 minutes later, I'm up high and it's 40 degrees....wth??!! lol it was a great trip!

The only card I had sent to me thus far, which I'm waiting on a few more, was one I needed:

Needless to say, these leaves me with just about a handful of cards - how freaking exciting is that??!!  I'm thinking I'll be buying a few packs this week only because I'm fiending and I haven't bought anything in what feels like forever, but it's kind of hard when the only cards you look forward to, other than Goodwin and Ginter, is that Chicle stuff - but meh, lezzee what I can find :)

ok, more later!

Monday, March 15, 2010

No ignorance here!

I know, I know.

No posts = dullness.

Ok, I get that.  I ran into that when I did my gaming blog - I would go a day or two without posting and all hell would break loose.  Fortunately, in the hobby world, there are tons of other blogs to keep people happy.  Besides, this is just a personal thing I do on the side for fun! 

I noticed though when it comes to hobby blogging, there aren't any real professional bloggers; that is, I don't see anyone making a whole lot of money doing blogs.  I DO see people getting free shit to talk about, but meh, I could care-less about free stuff; my policy?  If you don't have the money for it, then don't bother with it.

Anyway, I'll do a more thorough update later tonight - not much in the land of the mail days or pack busting only because I haven't had the time to go out and buy any, but that's ok :)  Right?  RIIIIIIIIGHT?!! lol

By the way, I'll be in Palm Springs the rest of this week, so definitely no posting there.  I'll have my girlfriend check my mail box for me for any loot that comes my way.  Heh - maybe I'll just post pics of my hot girlfriend and that'll keep ya'll busy hahahaa

Ok, more later!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thoughts & Sox trade loot and mail day and.....???


Alright, in attempts to get through the massive load of paperwork that I have to start due to the house, I've decided that before I even think about that, I must refer to my baseball card addiction first.

Then the house :-D

Ok, first of all, got a very nice surprise from Adam over at Thoughts & Sox.
All of which I needed - and I wasn't expecting anything so this was a very pleasant surprise!  Thanks again Adam!!  I needed these too :)

Next up on my mail day, is Mr. Carlos Zambrano.

You know, homey looks hella serious in this pic lol 

And these two cards....well....

Don't you love it when you win by...."accident?"  I had ZERO intention of winning this card; granted, I did need it for my master set, as I need almost every "moonlight" variation card, but I've taken it super slow as I think these cards are a bit over priced.  Actually, most of them are not, but there are a few that seem to fetch a lot more than what I'm willing to pay, like Tiger Woods.  Anyway, I saw the auction and I said what the heck and just bid - I bid $0.01.  That's right, one whole cent.  And I won.  Oops?  :)

This next card is one of my more favorite mail day cards -

Hell yah!  Kent Hrbek auto - these aren't rare, but they NEVER come up - it's not an SP either.  It just so happens it's of a Twins player that I admire and you simply don't see Kent's name come up on high end products, or any products, anymore since he retired.

Ok, that's all I have for now - I really do have to start scanning other crap and stuff for this house.  If I find anything unusual, I'll let you know.

Oh, I do have something funny, and aggravating to mention:  Remember a few days ago I mentioned that I had to go to Target.  Well I did.  I bought some things I need for the apartment, like detergent, etc. and I bought a rack pack of Heritage and a single 2010 Topps pack and shoved it in with my toothpaste and then put of all of that into the trunk of my car.

That was two days ago.

I keep forgetting to bring that shit up when I get out of the car.

And I did it again today.


Maybe tomorrow? hahahahahha whatevers......

Ok, more later! Cyas!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My $9,000 dollar bid.....and I think I won?!!!

Well, now the truth comes out.  I love collecting just like everyone else, but here's the REAL reasons I eased up on my buying:

1.  I'm close to completing the Goodwin Relic set, so I don't need to massively buy up anymore cards.  Half of the remaining cards are easily obtainable; the other half, not so much, so I'll just have to be patient with that.

2.  I've been saving my money because I am truly only going to try to collect 2010's Topps Chicle - but ya'll knew this already as I had said that about a 1000 times now on my blog.

and....the 3rd reason why I've eased up ever so slightly -and the reason for the title of my blog...

I'm trying to win the ultimate auction -this:  (and I found out last night, that I won)

No, I did NOT win a house for $9,000.  But it IS going to cost me that much just for the down payment; I have a special loan term that I was offered that allows me to put down considerably less than the average person.  So, I need to fork over well over $9K, not including closing costs, to buy this beautiful house.  I got a call from my realtor yesterday stating it was a locked in deal and that my bid was accepted by the sellers.

I know, some of you all are thinking - "Dude, do you know how many cases of Ultimate I could buy with that??!!"   Yes, I do know and yes, I considered spending it elsewhere instead of a house.  Then I said, "nahhhhhh" lol

Ok, more later!  I'm going to Target today!  So I HAVE to buy a few things!  I'm a card-crack addict ya know!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This week is....Ke$ha...you know, blah, blah, blah...

I'm so freaking tired, I can't even keep my eyes open long enough to look at Ebay. 

Not only was last week crap-tacularly slow in my hobby world, this week is not off to anything better.  I haven't really bought that much and I'm trying to ease up on buying anything other than what I'm collecting, which means less packs - and this is ok as I noticed from Baseball Card Pedia, which has the listings of all 25 Gimmick, or Double Take, cards listed and quite frankly, I don't give a shit.  No disrespect - but UD did NOT do a very good marketing job here creating a sense of enjoyment or chase to find these cards

But I'm guessing VERY MUCH SO that they took on the gimmick exceptionally precariously because I'm willing to bet Mr. McWilliams KNEW he was going to get tagged by MLB.  So why bother spending a ton of money on cards that won't see the light of day?  Exactly.

So, I'm done with UD.  I'll troll around some of ya'lls blogs to see if you need any 2010 UD and I'll mail those out. 

Same thing with the 2010 Topps - they're not horrible cards, but a bit too...well, I'm not sure how to describe other than...trying to flashy, but ends up being bland?  I get the whole "let's make some fun variations on random cards" thing, but not my cup of tea.  Honestly, I'm STILL going to sit and wait for Chicle.

Oh, this Zito did come in the mail the other day, but I never got to post -

So with Zito checked off, that leaves me with 8 cards left in order to complete the Goodwin Relic set - I think I'm going to change the number to the right so it sounds a little bit like the Final Four....muwahahahahaha

Ok guys, imma go watch some TV and knock the hell out.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a SLOW-ASS card trading week for me....

Slow slow slow card pick up for me this week.  It happens to us all - we just don't pick  up as much as we normally would do.

I know that's the case for me at least.

I did pick up some retail Topps and UD stuff, but kept it at a minimal. Other than the obligatory million card insert (I now have 4 and am saving them till I get around 10, then I'll bust all the codes at once).

No major cards that I needed, although I did pick up some cards on Ebay and hopefully they'll get here sooner than later.

Out of the UD packs, I did pick this up:

Nothing special, but still kind of cool as I had not picked one up before - I know it's hard to see, but this is the gold-label verison.  Right above Michael Barrett's head on the lower right corner pic (the profile pic), there's a sticker number that I think you can barely make out; it's a cool card because it's numbered 99/99.  I rarely get those, so I thougtht that was kind of neat.  Actually, I NEVER get those, where the number is the first or the last, in the run. :)

Ok, I'm off to clean up the apartment - being a bachelor is tough and I'm considering rehiring my maid (of course if my mom found out I had someone ELSE cleaning my shit cuz I'm too lazy to do it myself, I'd get my ass kicked all kinds of ways) lol!

Ok, more later!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hmmm.....I think I need some cards....

So, with my Goodwin collection actively being dwindled down, I'll shift over to a different set of cards later this month.  Actually, it'll be later next month.

In the meantime, I'm going to be sending out a few more packages and fun stuff and then I'm going to buy random packs to open later today.  This means yet another Target run on a Friday morning - I have to buy stuff for work.

So yes, I'm alive, doing well - work has been busy so posting has been a very kind of hard the last couple of days, but that'll change - I have some cool mail days coming ahead of me.

Ok, more later!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two Cards Well Traveled! - Fun little project - need your help!!!!

I wanted to give this a shot because....well....other than for pack buying, blog trolling, auction lurking, and the constant trades that go throughout our hobby, I wanted to try something different that would break the monotony up and most of all, be hella fun.

You see, outside of the realm that each of us is very comfortable with in our hobby, we forget something very crucial that is even evidenced on Youtube; that is, our hobby, and more so our sports, American sports, transcend just the American population.

Baseball is loved around the world, as are many other sports; look up Youtube and you'll see card shops in Japan with fellow collectors busting high, mid, and low-end products from Topps, Upper Deck, and several other companies.

Are we to coyly believe that our hobby was meant for ONLY our little blogosphere?  I think not.

So here's my project that I need YOUR help in accomplishing - I think it'll be fun, promote the good nature of our hobby and sports, and let everyone know that collecting cards is more than just a tradition, but also clearly part of a past-time.

The following is two baseball cards; one from 2009 Allen & Ginter and one from 2009 Goodwin Champions.

I'm going to sign the card, put where I'm from, and then mail it to a fellow collector.

This is where you come in; I need a volunteer to send the card too.  Whomever that might be, do the same as I did - that is, sign the card, put where you're from, then mail it to another collector with the same directions.

If you have a blog and get this card, I ask you to sign the card and where you're from, post a scan on your blog, and then mail it off to another collector with directions.

Pretty simple huh?  I think this could be super fun to see where the card ends up.

When the cards are completely signed and no more space, I'll ask the blogosphere to send it back to me; I'll do my best to keep track of where it ends up and put up a map to the right showing where the card is.

Fun, right?  And it'll only cost you one postage stamp!!!!

The two subjects for my project is:  2009 Curtis Granderson Goodwin Champions and 2009  Cliff Lee Allen & Ginter.

As you can see, I put my initials up top, where I live, and country.  I'm very curious, using the blogosphere, how far this card can go this year before it's completely filled, front and back, with initials/signatures from collectors around the world - and we'll start here in the good 'ol USA!

I really think this will be a very fun project!  After you get the card, you add your info, and mail it off to the next collector, with a short set of instructions on what to do and remember to ask them to post it on their blog so I can try to keep track of where it is; OR have them check out my blog for the instructions.

See?  Fun and easy!  This should be super interesting!  So I need two volunteers to start after me - I'll mail both cards out tomorrow, one to each volunteer.

So, who want's to sign next?

Epic Mail Day Trade from No One's Going to Read this blog....

I did some of my very first friendly blogosphere trade with Jeremy from No One's Going to Read This Blog, which many people read by the way, and he sent over some excellent goodies!

The Young's are awesome!  And I needed those mini's!  Thanks Jeremy!  But the BEST card!  Quite honestly, not only was I taken aback, but I must have been smiling ear to ear and I promptly showed my girlfriend who was sitting next to me, the coolest card I've gotten all year - check it........

An actual trading card from ET, the Movie!!!! "Trouble for Elliott!"  Holy shit this brought back a flood of memories from when I was a little kid, watching this movie and craving Reeses Pieces more than any normal child should be.  And I was hella scared of ET because he was one scary looking mofo!

Absolutely EPIC!  Love this freaking card!  Thanks again Jeremy!  Look forward to some more trading!

Ok, more in a minute - my project!

A VERY fun little project I'm going to ask YOU to particpate in....

What's up gang? 

I was meaning to do this post this morning, but got caught up with that four letter word, "work," so I had to postpone...till NOW!

Anyway, last night while playing MW2, I came up with a fun little project that I was hoping to do and for it to start out on this blog. 

I'll write details later tonight about it, but I think once it steam rolls, it could quite possibly be one of the MOST fun things any of us card-collectors could do.

It's not a contest or anything like that, but when I thought about it, I couldn't help grinning -so keep your hats on and check back later!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just a quickie before I go home.....

What a busy day - not enough time to do much hobby relating posting, searching, or anything else.  So, I had a few moments, just long enough to troll around on some blogs.  On occasion, I let my mouse walk my computer screen over to the Beckett Blog, Topps.com, and Upper Deck's website.

I took a look at Upper Decks website and I see something, then read something, that made my heart sink.


This picture is from an interview of Upper Deck's Game-Used Room Clerk (Click here for the interview), some guy named Mark.   As I'm reading and looking at the pics, UD has some cool stuff in that little room.  But it was what was pointed in that interview that just killed me.

See that ball to the left there?  Quoting from the interview, 

UpperDeckBlog: And this looks like a Walter Johnson signed baseball?

Mark Shaunessy: It is. What we’ll do here is cut out the sweet spot out of the ball, so you’re not just getting a signature, but the ball it came from too.

WHAT???!!!  Are you freaking serious??!!!  You're going to cut up (if it's authentic) an actual Walter Johnson signed baseball to put on a f*cking card??!!!

That is the dumbest, most ludicrous, and most heinous thing I've seen or read in a very long time.  First of all, Walter Johnson's auto on baseball's is about as difficult to find as a Ty Cobb or Satchel Paige or Jim Thorpe signed material - it's THAT rare.  Why on earth would you cut up something as valuable as that to appease a few snot-nosed card collectors that probably have no idea who Walter Johnson is!  Unbelievable.  Absolutely unbelievable.  I would GLADLY pay top dollar for that ball just so UD CAN'T cut it up and put it on a card. 

Yes, I collect Goodwin relics with cut-up jersey's, pant's, etc, but we're talking about players that are currently still playing where UD could spend a year cutting up ONE players shit so they can put it on a card.  Even my Dimaggio relic isn't even that rare as you can find tons of his baseballs and bats that have auto's on it.

Grrrrr....that's not very cool Upper Deck!

More later!

In the single digits now!

I updated my needs list for Goodwin and once I get the Joe Nathan Relic, I'll be down to 9 cards needed to complete the set!

Woot woot! 

Ok, more later!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sick-Ass Mail Day! Woot! Hells to the yeah!

Alrighty, a mail-day post and then I'm off for some MW2 (that's Modern Warfare 2 baby!) This is gonna be a fun, and quick, mail day for meeeeeeeeeeeee!

Mr. Carlos Lee may now be checked off.  Interestingly enough, this particular cards sells EVERYTIME (mostly) and it's only a few dollars at the most; whereas some cards end with zero bidders, Carlos Lee's stuff really does move.  Go figure.

Remember a little while back ago when I posted my secret on how to complete a set, quickly and very cheaply?

Looky, looky, who got the nooky?

Although I didn't scan them all, I won this lot off of Ebay - 55 Gypsy Queen cards, for a staggering $6.00.  I remember when these first came out, the cards were selling like crazy, some of them for absolutely obnoxious amounts.  I'm only at 17% completion of the Gypsy Queen set, but with these 55, it'll catapult me to almost 40% complete I think.  Just like that.  And the complete GQ set is valued at roughly $200.  I'll complete the entire set for less than $30.

AGAIN - you set collectors - IF you collect 2010 Chicle when it comes out, buy some stuff, but for the love of god, save some money and wait a couple of months before you go hard-core to build a set.  Hell, wait almost 10 months and I promise you can finish that set pennies on the dollar!  (and if you have any commons, send them my way - hehehe shameless plug).

And now....here it is folks....an absolutely beautiful card to be added to my collection, one that I didn't think I'd own and after countless losses in auction....one of what I have now decided to term the "Elite Six"  ............deep breath.........


I have lost both auctions prior to this one, the last one by only $5 from jerk-ass seller.  Well, I get the last laugh as my snipe went off and I won this card for $20 LESS than what it went for in the auction before.  A very tough card, one of the "Elite Six."  

The Dimaggio has a print run of 20 cards.  So with this card, as with the Molitor, I have officially pissed off some set collectors out there.  This sucker is going into my PC and not seeing the light of day for a long, long time to come.

The Elite Six consist of six cards from the Goodwin Relic set with print runs of 50 or less.  They are:

Joe Dimaggio - Print run of 20
Buffalo Bill Cody - Print run of 5
Ted Williams - Print run of 40
Paul Molitor - Print run of 15
Lyndon Johnson - Print run of 5
Michael Jordan - Print run of 50

So off of my checklist, I HAVE:
Joe  Dimaggio
Paul Molitor
Michael Jordan

Which leaves me with:
Buffalo Bill Cody
Ted Williams
Lyndon Johnson

I'm absolutely sure the Johnson will come up for sale....but the other two....meh.  I'm going to go troll around and see if they might be up somewhere else (I have my secret auctions muwaahahahahahah).

Ok, I'm happy, so today wasn't as tough as I thought, which is a good thing.

Off to PS3 land kiddies!

More later!

Woot woot - PS3 is back up!

I'm still at work, but I'm seriously fiending me some PS3 and from the forums, it's back up!  Woot woot!

PS3 and Megan Fox for the win!

And I got my car back from the shop and she looks hella fine!

Now, if I could somehow have a solid card mail-day when I get home, that would be awesome!

But we'll see about that :)

Ok, more later!

Wow, it's all broke. I mean, ALLLL broke.....

It must be a Monday.

Because everything is broke!

For those of you that don't know, the PSN (Playstation Network) is completely down, so I can't even play a single game.  And because most PS3 games are tied into the PSN Trophy program, you can't even play games that don't even have online play.  Suxors!

And I'm saving up my money for some stuff, so I can't even go buy any baseball cards.  WTF??!!  Wahhhhhhh!

Save for some Ebay wins I MIGHT have (which is kind of unlikely as I'm not super-caring whether I win them or not), even my card collecting is broke.

AND  my freaking BMW is broke:
She's in the shop as we speak getting some body work - the pic above was when I had one of my low-pro tires replaced.  I haven't driven her in over week as she's been in the humble hands of some greasy-ass mechanics, so my driving pleasure has been reduced to, although somewhat comfortable, Ford Taurus (it's actually kind of nice, but certainly doesn't have the driving pleasures of a German-made beast).


It truly MUST be a freaking Monday.

Anyway, I have a fun mail-day going out to several people; I think I must have spent a couple of hours just trying to sort and pack everything out yesterday - I think there was a total of 10 packages/boxes going on.  A couple of the stacks were too fat, so instead of multiple envelopes, I shoved them into a mini-box.

I may have a cool mail-day today (or not) but if so, I'll post that up later as I can only assume the PSN will still be down.

Grrrrr.....me not happy!

More later!