Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My $9,000 dollar bid.....and I think I won?!!!

Well, now the truth comes out.  I love collecting just like everyone else, but here's the REAL reasons I eased up on my buying:

1.  I'm close to completing the Goodwin Relic set, so I don't need to massively buy up anymore cards.  Half of the remaining cards are easily obtainable; the other half, not so much, so I'll just have to be patient with that.

2.  I've been saving my money because I am truly only going to try to collect 2010's Topps Chicle - but ya'll knew this already as I had said that about a 1000 times now on my blog.

and....the 3rd reason why I've eased up ever so slightly -and the reason for the title of my blog...

I'm trying to win the ultimate auction -this:  (and I found out last night, that I won)

No, I did NOT win a house for $9,000.  But it IS going to cost me that much just for the down payment; I have a special loan term that I was offered that allows me to put down considerably less than the average person.  So, I need to fork over well over $9K, not including closing costs, to buy this beautiful house.  I got a call from my realtor yesterday stating it was a locked in deal and that my bid was accepted by the sellers.

I know, some of you all are thinking - "Dude, do you know how many cases of Ultimate I could buy with that??!!"   Yes, I do know and yes, I considered spending it elsewhere instead of a house.  Then I said, "nahhhhhh" lol

Ok, more later!  I'm going to Target today!  So I HAVE to buy a few things!  I'm a card-crack addict ya know!

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