Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a SLOW-ASS card trading week for me....

Slow slow slow card pick up for me this week.  It happens to us all - we just don't pick  up as much as we normally would do.

I know that's the case for me at least.

I did pick up some retail Topps and UD stuff, but kept it at a minimal. Other than the obligatory million card insert (I now have 4 and am saving them till I get around 10, then I'll bust all the codes at once).

No major cards that I needed, although I did pick up some cards on Ebay and hopefully they'll get here sooner than later.

Out of the UD packs, I did pick this up:

Nothing special, but still kind of cool as I had not picked one up before - I know it's hard to see, but this is the gold-label verison.  Right above Michael Barrett's head on the lower right corner pic (the profile pic), there's a sticker number that I think you can barely make out; it's a cool card because it's numbered 99/99.  I rarely get those, so I thougtht that was kind of neat.  Actually, I NEVER get those, where the number is the first or the last, in the run. :)

Ok, I'm off to clean up the apartment - being a bachelor is tough and I'm considering rehiring my maid (of course if my mom found out I had someone ELSE cleaning my shit cuz I'm too lazy to do it myself, I'd get my ass kicked all kinds of ways) lol!

Ok, more later!

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