Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just a quickie before I go home.....

What a busy day - not enough time to do much hobby relating posting, searching, or anything else.  So, I had a few moments, just long enough to troll around on some blogs.  On occasion, I let my mouse walk my computer screen over to the Beckett Blog, Topps.com, and Upper Deck's website.

I took a look at Upper Decks website and I see something, then read something, that made my heart sink.


This picture is from an interview of Upper Deck's Game-Used Room Clerk (Click here for the interview), some guy named Mark.   As I'm reading and looking at the pics, UD has some cool stuff in that little room.  But it was what was pointed in that interview that just killed me.

See that ball to the left there?  Quoting from the interview, 

UpperDeckBlog: And this looks like a Walter Johnson signed baseball?

Mark Shaunessy: It is. What we’ll do here is cut out the sweet spot out of the ball, so you’re not just getting a signature, but the ball it came from too.

WHAT???!!!  Are you freaking serious??!!!  You're going to cut up (if it's authentic) an actual Walter Johnson signed baseball to put on a f*cking card??!!!

That is the dumbest, most ludicrous, and most heinous thing I've seen or read in a very long time.  First of all, Walter Johnson's auto on baseball's is about as difficult to find as a Ty Cobb or Satchel Paige or Jim Thorpe signed material - it's THAT rare.  Why on earth would you cut up something as valuable as that to appease a few snot-nosed card collectors that probably have no idea who Walter Johnson is!  Unbelievable.  Absolutely unbelievable.  I would GLADLY pay top dollar for that ball just so UD CAN'T cut it up and put it on a card. 

Yes, I collect Goodwin relics with cut-up jersey's, pant's, etc, but we're talking about players that are currently still playing where UD could spend a year cutting up ONE players shit so they can put it on a card.  Even my Dimaggio relic isn't even that rare as you can find tons of his baseballs and bats that have auto's on it.

Grrrrr....that's not very cool Upper Deck!

More later!


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Yep--that's where we are at in the hobby these days, essentially burning up the past to make a few bucks in the present. Nice.

Roy said...

Absolute travesty.

Core Contrarian said...

Have to agree.