Friday, March 19, 2010

Nice, back from the trip and a card - only one..grrr


Back from the trip and who knew I'd seem some freaking snow in hot-ass Palm Springs, Cali?  I sure as heck didn't - rode a tram about half a mile up (10K feet above sea level) and saw this.......

That was just crazy!  And it was freezing!  It was 88 degrees below where you see the city, and then 10 minutes later, I'm up high and it's 40 degrees....wth??!! lol it was a great trip!

The only card I had sent to me thus far, which I'm waiting on a few more, was one I needed:

Needless to say, these leaves me with just about a handful of cards - how freaking exciting is that??!!  I'm thinking I'll be buying a few packs this week only because I'm fiending and I haven't bought anything in what feels like forever, but it's kind of hard when the only cards you look forward to, other than Goodwin and Ginter, is that Chicle stuff - but meh, lezzee what I can find :)

ok, more later!

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