Monday, March 1, 2010

Sick-Ass Mail Day! Woot! Hells to the yeah!

Alrighty, a mail-day post and then I'm off for some MW2 (that's Modern Warfare 2 baby!) This is gonna be a fun, and quick, mail day for meeeeeeeeeeeee!

Mr. Carlos Lee may now be checked off.  Interestingly enough, this particular cards sells EVERYTIME (mostly) and it's only a few dollars at the most; whereas some cards end with zero bidders, Carlos Lee's stuff really does move.  Go figure.

Remember a little while back ago when I posted my secret on how to complete a set, quickly and very cheaply?

Looky, looky, who got the nooky?

Although I didn't scan them all, I won this lot off of Ebay - 55 Gypsy Queen cards, for a staggering $6.00.  I remember when these first came out, the cards were selling like crazy, some of them for absolutely obnoxious amounts.  I'm only at 17% completion of the Gypsy Queen set, but with these 55, it'll catapult me to almost 40% complete I think.  Just like that.  And the complete GQ set is valued at roughly $200.  I'll complete the entire set for less than $30.

AGAIN - you set collectors - IF you collect 2010 Chicle when it comes out, buy some stuff, but for the love of god, save some money and wait a couple of months before you go hard-core to build a set.  Hell, wait almost 10 months and I promise you can finish that set pennies on the dollar!  (and if you have any commons, send them my way - hehehe shameless plug).

And it is absolutely beautiful card to be added to my collection, one that I didn't think I'd own and after countless losses in of what I have now decided to term the "Elite Six"  ............deep breath.........


I have lost both auctions prior to this one, the last one by only $5 from jerk-ass seller.  Well, I get the last laugh as my snipe went off and I won this card for $20 LESS than what it went for in the auction before.  A very tough card, one of the "Elite Six."  

The Dimaggio has a print run of 20 cards.  So with this card, as with the Molitor, I have officially pissed off some set collectors out there.  This sucker is going into my PC and not seeing the light of day for a long, long time to come.

The Elite Six consist of six cards from the Goodwin Relic set with print runs of 50 or less.  They are:

Joe Dimaggio - Print run of 20
Buffalo Bill Cody - Print run of 5
Ted Williams - Print run of 40
Paul Molitor - Print run of 15
Lyndon Johnson - Print run of 5
Michael Jordan - Print run of 50

So off of my checklist, I HAVE:
Joe  Dimaggio
Paul Molitor
Michael Jordan

Which leaves me with:
Buffalo Bill Cody
Ted Williams
Lyndon Johnson

I'm absolutely sure the Johnson will come up for sale....but the other two....meh.  I'm going to go troll around and see if they might be up somewhere else (I have my secret auctions muwaahahahahahah).

Ok, I'm happy, so today wasn't as tough as I thought, which is a good thing.

Off to PS3 land kiddies!

More later!


BA Benny said...

Looks like you had one hell of a good day judging from your last 2 posts. Congrats on the Joe D. relic score.

Drew said...

Sick Mailday!!!