Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ok, so here' s the deal

I've rigged some kind of pseudo connection with my scanner - so, with that said, I'm going out this weekend and gonna to a mini-splurge on cards.  I'm going to try to located a new LCS (haven't found one since I moved) and pick up a ton of random stuff, so expect a larger than normal posting this week - I have picked up a few items and I'll scan those too!  Ok, more later!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2010 Razor Rookie Retro

Ok, just when I thought I was done for the night, I read on Marie & Sooz's blog about the product like from Razor and the checklist.

You guys ALSO know that sometimes, I over think stuff.  I'll give you an example - I went to my local dealer over the weekend and he knows that I "probably" have a little more money then his average customer.  So he's trying to unload higher end product on me.  Of course, I'm a real stickler about newer stuff and other than for a pack here and there, I'm just not interested - I prefer watching youtube and letting everyone else open that stuff up.

Well, here's the over thinking part.  I was reading A Cardboard Problem and saw their post about Razor - and I saw the checklist.

And then I snickered.


After I saw the checklist, I immediately went to Youtube and started watching the box and case breaks.  (stop if you know where I'm going with this).  Then I looked at the checklist.  Obviously there are countless number of this product that's NOT Youtube'd, but with a tiny bit of research, you can figure out what's been opened.  Cross check what you see is pulled on Youtube, what other bloggers have for sale, what other websites have up, and what's on ebay.  Guess what?

You've just mathematically figured out what has been pulled/released and if there's something specific that you're looking for on that checklist, you've just INCREASED your odds.  Make sense? No? That's ok, not everyone will get what I"m saying - I'm NOT saying you're going to pull the Strassburg...what I AM saying is that the likelihood just got BETTER for you that you MAY pull it - 13 pages worth of listed cards on the checklist, plus a few multiple cards (different grades) and you have pretty damn good idea how many cases were produced; then start marking off what's coming up around the blogosphere and Ebay, etc and there you go - you've just improved your odds.

Here's the Razor Rookie Retro Link

Razor Rookie Retro Checklist


By the way, I was reading FCB and 2010's code has already been broken - way cool for that individual.  Guess what?  I'm taking a SOLID crack at 2011's contest and trust me, I'll break that sucker hella fast.  Watch....and if you want to help me out, contact me and let's crack the code for next year - we'll split our earnings 50/50.  I read both write ups on how the code was broken...I figured both Jason Wong's version and the 2010 version of how they cracked the code and figured out how both did it after reading about a 3rd of the way in of the write ups.  Not a problem.  :)

By the way...

Aha!  This is a great question to ask now and I better do it before I forget, BUT....

Anyone know where the traveling cards went from my project????!!!

Little help please!

What the heck.......and a FAIL!

Ok...whew....let me recap what's going on and it'll make sense (by the way Mark, thanks for the kind words!).

First of all, the house is going well...and it's been the #1 reason why I've had to stop posting for a bit.  As a matter of fact, I'm actually writing this post from the floor as I don't have any furniture and I have comp set up on an end table.... REALLY.

I work pretty much 13 hour days and by the time I get home, I have about an hour or so of down time, which I spent painting the inside of my house.  After 3 months, I finished! Go me!

Now I'm painting the doors and trim, so that's another week out.  Then lastly the floor.  (I'll get to the baseball part soon, trust!)

Guess how long since I've ripped open a pack or bought anything on Ebay?

Since I've bought the house.  FAIL!

I even walked past the BB card isle at Target without buying a single pack (although I did stop to look).


Sigh....BUT I DID successfully pick up something Ebay - alas, I can't post because my scanner is still packed away, but I'll scan stuff once I get done unpacking and laying down my floor the way I want (the scan will also include a PSA 9 Goodwin Champions Tiger Woods Relic that I picked up - super sharp card).

I have to admit, I did get beat out for a Mickey Doolin T210 coupon card on ebay - I bid super high, but still got my but whooped...hate it when that happens!

Ok, I'll post more later, hopefully get my scanner up sooner than later...by the way - any of you know who Sportscardgirl is?  Not gonna lie - she's hot - and her youtube breaks are cool to watch.

Alright boys n girls - see ya'll soon!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wow, so I take a break?

And all of the sudden the collecting world stops? hahahaha

I am returning, VERY soon..... :P

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Finally, time for a post and then some!

What's up guys!

Long time, no post.  But I'm assuming ya'll been busy watching that Strasburg auction on Ebay to really care - but hey, that's ok!

Anyway, the bid on my second house went through, so that's why I haven't posted much; my apartment is in shambles as I'm starting to prep and pack and since my move is less than a month away, I opted not to buy anymore just in case the stuff gets shipped to the wrong address, which has happened before.

What I have done is buy a few packs and bought some stuff on Ebay; the pack buying will probably continue, but in the mildest sense, but the Ebay stuff is coming to a complete halt in a week - anything after that and there's a pretty damn good chance the stuff will get sent to the wrong address and it'll turn into some kind of nightmare.

Anyway, let's get to the cards!

Drew over at Drew's Cards hooked it up!

I needed every single card here; I've picked up some Chicle and I haven't scanned those cards yet; I'm hoping to do another, larger post before I have to temporarily pause the blogging; mostly because number ONE - my comp will be packed up and number TWO - I won't have internet haha

The A&G Relic is one that I needed and the Chicle I needed - I really did need every card!
Thanks again Drew!

Next up:

A very pleasant surprise from David from E Rayhahn Rayhahn - dude remembered!!

Again, he was kind enough to remember that I was going to try to complete Chicle and he hooked me up with some stuff he picked up - MUCH appreciated!!!

The Hamilton at the top is a Chicle back, so that's pretty damn cool.  I think my issue is that the Chicle back has way too many backs.  As per the Ginter set that I've been trying to complete, I don't care what the back is.

Ok, next a few Ebay pick ups:

You know, I was REALLY surprised to pick up this Fukudome for my set for the price that I did.  First of all, his Goodwin relic does not appear at auction very often - it's limited to 100 copies (not numbered) and when it does come up, it goes for way more than the $2.50 that I spent on it.  This brings my needs down to checklist to 5 cards till completing the Goodwin Relic set.  I'm missing: Tiger, Bill Cody, Yaz, Lyndon Johnson, and Ted Williams.  The Tiger and Yaz are easy, but the last 3....IF ANY OF YOU SEE THIS COME UP FOR AUCTION, HOLLA AT ME - I'LL GIVE YOU A FINDERS FEE IF I CAN OBTAIN THE CARD!

Ok, enough of that. 


Yuppers, Moose Skowron.  Another card that went for decent coin when this set came out - I use to get outbid for it in the $15 to $20 range all the time; patience was good for me I guess as I picked it up for about $2.  One more off the checklist.  I've seen the Lebron and the Jeter come up and hell....they're super expensive - might have to add those two names on the END of my needs list haha


Yes, that's a REAL Sherry Magee, Sweet Caporal back.  And NO it's not the $40,000 error.  I did get a very good deal on this card and I'll never leave my beloved T206's behind (not the new crap, the vintage stuff).  You know what's funny is that I bitch and complain about a $5 or $10 card but I'll pay $100's all day long for the vintage stuff lol  I got a super good deal on this for only $45.  I'm debating whether or not to get it graded as I'm sure it'll add value.  Actually, I have a grip of cards that I need to get graded, but with no time, haven't had a chance to send it to SGC.

Lastly - as I mentioned before, I'm packing and getting ready for my move.  In doing so, I decided to list about 5 cards on Ebay to help pay for costs - nothing big dollar, but more done so to get rid of some cards that could help pay for boxes and supplies, like packing tape.

Well, I was going through my cards to pick out 5 to get rid of and I swear, it's like treasure hunting only because half the time, I don't pay attention to what I have. 

Case in point:

Simple Lebron right?  Not quite.  This is a Skybox 2008-09 Lebron James Close Ups insert.  This one is apparently the Ruby version.

Here's the back:

I had NO idea this was worth anything - just thought it was another numbered insert and shoved in a box and forgot about it.

I did a quick search and much to my surprise, the Kevin Garnett version (ruby) was DENIED a BEST OFFER REQUEST of $134.00.  WTH???

I mean, I know it ain't a Strassburg, but man, that's a some decent coin for something that isn't autographed or has a relic.

Again, I love treasure hunting hahaha

Ok, I'll try to do a few more posts before I have to go offline for awhile.  But not to worry, I hope to at least secure a few more decent items before then!

Hope ya'll are doing good and your collection is kick-ass!!!



Monday, May 17, 2010

Whoa...yeah, so what?

It must be full fledged baseball season as my allergies are kicking it up into high gear!

Drew messaged me today and asked where I was.....well......

Remember that house thing a couple of months ago?  Well, I gave up on the house and chased after a BIGGER house.  THIS time, it looks like it's going through.  So all the monies I would have spent (well, not ALL) on cards, I had to pull back.

I've already put down $8,000.00 towards escrow and now I'm holding onto another $10,000.00 for the rest of the fees and bullshit.

That's $18,000.00 that could have gone towards one hell of a ramp up of my collection.  My bidding days at Heritage Auctions, REA, etc etc, have come to a screeching halt.

One things for sure - you just can't take away certain bugs!  So with that said, look forward to a very nice and sizable update this week - I'll be buying a couple of boxes and a few packs so you can see what I pull - and yes, it'll all be Chicle!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

So, here's my baseball card post - Topps Million

Again, due to lack of buying any cards and no posts, I decided to post the 4 cards that I'm inputting now from the Topps Million Card give-away thing.

This little program has cooled down a bit, but still going strong.

So, for my first card, as expected, a modern day card:

Post Season Highlights Card 2005 - meh.

Next up:

A Carl Taylor Topps card from 1974.

Not bad.

Third card:

Andre Dawson!  Score!!!!!  -.-

Ugh....let the pain stop.....

Last card:

Ryan Zimmerman - 2006

I kept saying to myself - just wait, just wait....sigh......

I seriously need a card binge - maybe I'll hit up Target this week....oh yeah baby...

More later!


Ah yes, the thing called "baseball cards"


That's all I have to say.



I'm not going to lie - I've had little to NO contact with baseball cards recently only because, well, my house.  And that fell through - grrrrrrrrrrrr.   I put a bid up on the house (which you can see the pics from my earlier blog posts) and then had it appraised - it came back a staggering $75,000 LESS than what I bid.  No way in heck I was going to pay that much OVER on a house - I'd be underwater the second I signed the paperwork, so I opted to back out.

Not feeling really depressed about it, but at the same time, still trying to squeeze every cent I have to cover a house, I haven't bought much of anything.  Ok, that's not true, I went to Macy's and bought a super nice sport coat to wear around town, instead of my crappy, played out Old Navy jacket.  It was kind of awesome actually, now that I look more professional when I walk around - play on, playah!

Ok, now on to the baseball card stuff.

First of all, my little project of sending Cliff Lee and Curtis Granderson around the US and the world is slowly making it's rounds.

A Rookie (baseball) Card Collector now has it in her hands - or rather USE to have it in her hands - and it's making it's rounds to the next stop - where that is, no one knows!

The image is borrowed from the McCann Girl (hehehe love that nickname) and the former Tiger, now Yank, is making his rounds (by the way, nice way to start off with the Yanks, Curtis - anyone else see that homer?).

Now, I do have some card news that I'll post later - I still have 4 unredeemed Topps Million cards and from the looks of it, the 1990 to now cards are popping up like crazy, so I'm not sure if it's worth it to redeem at this moment.  Maybe I should wait?  Meh, we'll see.

And an update from my Goodwin Collection; knocked out several of the mini's - honestly, I'm WAY behind on the master set - what's left are the hard cards to obtain.  Incidentally, I was at Barnes & Noble over the weekend and walked straight over to the periodicals section and pulled a Beckett just to see what they're saying some of the cards that I need are worth.

$700 for a Jordan auto.


And for those of you looking on Ebay, something fascinating has started to show up; reprints.  With holograms.  Can you believe this crap?  Thank god all the reprints are EXACTLY the same, so for some of you buying a Jordan auto, be super careful or you're going to get rocked.  The reprint auto's are all identical; that is, the J in Jordan is missing part of the loop from Jordan lifting the pen - you see a card with that missing loop, walk away or you're going to get burned.

Alright, that's about all that I have now.  I'll holla at ya'll later!



Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm here, I'm here, I'm here!

Sorry, but buying a house is a pain in the ass!!

And I can count on one hand the number of packs I've bought in the last 2 weeks!  Sad sad sad!

I usually spend $40 to $60 a week on packs (not including ebay crap) and that's dwindled down to pretty much nothing at the moment. 

Even my Ebay cue is down to like 8 watched cards, which I really don't care too much about.  And I haven't been able to update my poor little rookie blog!  Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

I will try to update tonight - I'm inching closer on the house and if all goes as plan, which it probably won't, but if it does, it leaves me with the tedious task of starting to pack my belongings.

Everytime I move, I make it a point to "lighten" the load - that is, I'm throwing stuff away left and right and putting stuff on Ebay and, well, you get the point.  The stuff I don't sell on Ebay, I'll probably just donate too Goodwill.  But with the cards, mostly because they're too new and no one wants to buy them - I'm mailing them all out to you.  In other words, an epic mail day of a hodgepodge of crap that just needs to get to a new home because I don't want to lug in down three flight's of stairs!

Ok, more later - promise!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Nice, back from the trip and a card - only one..grrr


Back from the trip and who knew I'd seem some freaking snow in hot-ass Palm Springs, Cali?  I sure as heck didn't - rode a tram about half a mile up (10K feet above sea level) and saw this.......

That was just crazy!  And it was freezing!  It was 88 degrees below where you see the city, and then 10 minutes later, I'm up high and it's 40 degrees....wth??!! lol it was a great trip!

The only card I had sent to me thus far, which I'm waiting on a few more, was one I needed:

Needless to say, these leaves me with just about a handful of cards - how freaking exciting is that??!!  I'm thinking I'll be buying a few packs this week only because I'm fiending and I haven't bought anything in what feels like forever, but it's kind of hard when the only cards you look forward to, other than Goodwin and Ginter, is that Chicle stuff - but meh, lezzee what I can find :)

ok, more later!

Monday, March 15, 2010

No ignorance here!

I know, I know.

No posts = dullness.

Ok, I get that.  I ran into that when I did my gaming blog - I would go a day or two without posting and all hell would break loose.  Fortunately, in the hobby world, there are tons of other blogs to keep people happy.  Besides, this is just a personal thing I do on the side for fun! 

I noticed though when it comes to hobby blogging, there aren't any real professional bloggers; that is, I don't see anyone making a whole lot of money doing blogs.  I DO see people getting free shit to talk about, but meh, I could care-less about free stuff; my policy?  If you don't have the money for it, then don't bother with it.

Anyway, I'll do a more thorough update later tonight - not much in the land of the mail days or pack busting only because I haven't had the time to go out and buy any, but that's ok :)  Right?  RIIIIIIIIGHT?!! lol

By the way, I'll be in Palm Springs the rest of this week, so definitely no posting there.  I'll have my girlfriend check my mail box for me for any loot that comes my way.  Heh - maybe I'll just post pics of my hot girlfriend and that'll keep ya'll busy hahahaa

Ok, more later!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thoughts & Sox trade loot and mail day and.....???


Alright, in attempts to get through the massive load of paperwork that I have to start due to the house, I've decided that before I even think about that, I must refer to my baseball card addiction first.

Then the house :-D

Ok, first of all, got a very nice surprise from Adam over at Thoughts & Sox.
All of which I needed - and I wasn't expecting anything so this was a very pleasant surprise!  Thanks again Adam!!  I needed these too :)

Next up on my mail day, is Mr. Carlos Zambrano.

You know, homey looks hella serious in this pic lol 

And these two cards....well....

Don't you love it when you win by...."accident?"  I had ZERO intention of winning this card; granted, I did need it for my master set, as I need almost every "moonlight" variation card, but I've taken it super slow as I think these cards are a bit over priced.  Actually, most of them are not, but there are a few that seem to fetch a lot more than what I'm willing to pay, like Tiger Woods.  Anyway, I saw the auction and I said what the heck and just bid - I bid $0.01.  That's right, one whole cent.  And I won.  Oops?  :)

This next card is one of my more favorite mail day cards -

Hell yah!  Kent Hrbek auto - these aren't rare, but they NEVER come up - it's not an SP either.  It just so happens it's of a Twins player that I admire and you simply don't see Kent's name come up on high end products, or any products, anymore since he retired.

Ok, that's all I have for now - I really do have to start scanning other crap and stuff for this house.  If I find anything unusual, I'll let you know.

Oh, I do have something funny, and aggravating to mention:  Remember a few days ago I mentioned that I had to go to Target.  Well I did.  I bought some things I need for the apartment, like detergent, etc. and I bought a rack pack of Heritage and a single 2010 Topps pack and shoved it in with my toothpaste and then put of all of that into the trunk of my car.

That was two days ago.

I keep forgetting to bring that shit up when I get out of the car.

And I did it again today.


Maybe tomorrow? hahahahahha whatevers......

Ok, more later! Cyas!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My $9,000 dollar bid.....and I think I won?!!!

Well, now the truth comes out.  I love collecting just like everyone else, but here's the REAL reasons I eased up on my buying:

1.  I'm close to completing the Goodwin Relic set, so I don't need to massively buy up anymore cards.  Half of the remaining cards are easily obtainable; the other half, not so much, so I'll just have to be patient with that.

2.  I've been saving my money because I am truly only going to try to collect 2010's Topps Chicle - but ya'll knew this already as I had said that about a 1000 times now on my blog.

and....the 3rd reason why I've eased up ever so slightly -and the reason for the title of my blog...

I'm trying to win the ultimate auction -this:  (and I found out last night, that I won)

No, I did NOT win a house for $9,000.  But it IS going to cost me that much just for the down payment; I have a special loan term that I was offered that allows me to put down considerably less than the average person.  So, I need to fork over well over $9K, not including closing costs, to buy this beautiful house.  I got a call from my realtor yesterday stating it was a locked in deal and that my bid was accepted by the sellers.

I know, some of you all are thinking - "Dude, do you know how many cases of Ultimate I could buy with that??!!"   Yes, I do know and yes, I considered spending it elsewhere instead of a house.  Then I said, "nahhhhhh" lol

Ok, more later!  I'm going to Target today!  So I HAVE to buy a few things!  I'm a card-crack addict ya know!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This week is....Ke$ha...you know, blah, blah, blah...

I'm so freaking tired, I can't even keep my eyes open long enough to look at Ebay. 

Not only was last week crap-tacularly slow in my hobby world, this week is not off to anything better.  I haven't really bought that much and I'm trying to ease up on buying anything other than what I'm collecting, which means less packs - and this is ok as I noticed from Baseball Card Pedia, which has the listings of all 25 Gimmick, or Double Take, cards listed and quite frankly, I don't give a shit.  No disrespect - but UD did NOT do a very good marketing job here creating a sense of enjoyment or chase to find these cards

But I'm guessing VERY MUCH SO that they took on the gimmick exceptionally precariously because I'm willing to bet Mr. McWilliams KNEW he was going to get tagged by MLB.  So why bother spending a ton of money on cards that won't see the light of day?  Exactly.

So, I'm done with UD.  I'll troll around some of ya'lls blogs to see if you need any 2010 UD and I'll mail those out. 

Same thing with the 2010 Topps - they're not horrible cards, but a bit too...well, I'm not sure how to describe other than...trying to flashy, but ends up being bland?  I get the whole "let's make some fun variations on random cards" thing, but not my cup of tea.  Honestly, I'm STILL going to sit and wait for Chicle.

Oh, this Zito did come in the mail the other day, but I never got to post -

So with Zito checked off, that leaves me with 8 cards left in order to complete the Goodwin Relic set - I think I'm going to change the number to the right so it sounds a little bit like the Final Four....muwahahahahaha

Ok guys, imma go watch some TV and knock the hell out.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a SLOW-ASS card trading week for me....

Slow slow slow card pick up for me this week.  It happens to us all - we just don't pick  up as much as we normally would do.

I know that's the case for me at least.

I did pick up some retail Topps and UD stuff, but kept it at a minimal. Other than the obligatory million card insert (I now have 4 and am saving them till I get around 10, then I'll bust all the codes at once).

No major cards that I needed, although I did pick up some cards on Ebay and hopefully they'll get here sooner than later.

Out of the UD packs, I did pick this up:

Nothing special, but still kind of cool as I had not picked one up before - I know it's hard to see, but this is the gold-label verison.  Right above Michael Barrett's head on the lower right corner pic (the profile pic), there's a sticker number that I think you can barely make out; it's a cool card because it's numbered 99/99.  I rarely get those, so I thougtht that was kind of neat.  Actually, I NEVER get those, where the number is the first or the last, in the run. :)

Ok, I'm off to clean up the apartment - being a bachelor is tough and I'm considering rehiring my maid (of course if my mom found out I had someone ELSE cleaning my shit cuz I'm too lazy to do it myself, I'd get my ass kicked all kinds of ways) lol!

Ok, more later!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hmmm.....I think I need some cards....

So, with my Goodwin collection actively being dwindled down, I'll shift over to a different set of cards later this month.  Actually, it'll be later next month.

In the meantime, I'm going to be sending out a few more packages and fun stuff and then I'm going to buy random packs to open later today.  This means yet another Target run on a Friday morning - I have to buy stuff for work.

So yes, I'm alive, doing well - work has been busy so posting has been a very kind of hard the last couple of days, but that'll change - I have some cool mail days coming ahead of me.

Ok, more later!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two Cards Well Traveled! - Fun little project - need your help!!!!

I wanted to give this a shot because....well....other than for pack buying, blog trolling, auction lurking, and the constant trades that go throughout our hobby, I wanted to try something different that would break the monotony up and most of all, be hella fun.

You see, outside of the realm that each of us is very comfortable with in our hobby, we forget something very crucial that is even evidenced on Youtube; that is, our hobby, and more so our sports, American sports, transcend just the American population.

Baseball is loved around the world, as are many other sports; look up Youtube and you'll see card shops in Japan with fellow collectors busting high, mid, and low-end products from Topps, Upper Deck, and several other companies.

Are we to coyly believe that our hobby was meant for ONLY our little blogosphere?  I think not.

So here's my project that I need YOUR help in accomplishing - I think it'll be fun, promote the good nature of our hobby and sports, and let everyone know that collecting cards is more than just a tradition, but also clearly part of a past-time.

The following is two baseball cards; one from 2009 Allen & Ginter and one from 2009 Goodwin Champions.

I'm going to sign the card, put where I'm from, and then mail it to a fellow collector.

This is where you come in; I need a volunteer to send the card too.  Whomever that might be, do the same as I did - that is, sign the card, put where you're from, then mail it to another collector with the same directions.

If you have a blog and get this card, I ask you to sign the card and where you're from, post a scan on your blog, and then mail it off to another collector with directions.

Pretty simple huh?  I think this could be super fun to see where the card ends up.

When the cards are completely signed and no more space, I'll ask the blogosphere to send it back to me; I'll do my best to keep track of where it ends up and put up a map to the right showing where the card is.

Fun, right?  And it'll only cost you one postage stamp!!!!

The two subjects for my project is:  2009 Curtis Granderson Goodwin Champions and 2009  Cliff Lee Allen & Ginter.

As you can see, I put my initials up top, where I live, and country.  I'm very curious, using the blogosphere, how far this card can go this year before it's completely filled, front and back, with initials/signatures from collectors around the world - and we'll start here in the good 'ol USA!

I really think this will be a very fun project!  After you get the card, you add your info, and mail it off to the next collector, with a short set of instructions on what to do and remember to ask them to post it on their blog so I can try to keep track of where it is; OR have them check out my blog for the instructions.

See?  Fun and easy!  This should be super interesting!  So I need two volunteers to start after me - I'll mail both cards out tomorrow, one to each volunteer.

So, who want's to sign next?

Epic Mail Day Trade from No One's Going to Read this blog....

I did some of my very first friendly blogosphere trade with Jeremy from No One's Going to Read This Blog, which many people read by the way, and he sent over some excellent goodies!

The Young's are awesome!  And I needed those mini's!  Thanks Jeremy!  But the BEST card!  Quite honestly, not only was I taken aback, but I must have been smiling ear to ear and I promptly showed my girlfriend who was sitting next to me, the coolest card I've gotten all year - check it........

An actual trading card from ET, the Movie!!!! "Trouble for Elliott!"  Holy shit this brought back a flood of memories from when I was a little kid, watching this movie and craving Reeses Pieces more than any normal child should be.  And I was hella scared of ET because he was one scary looking mofo!

Absolutely EPIC!  Love this freaking card!  Thanks again Jeremy!  Look forward to some more trading!

Ok, more in a minute - my project!

A VERY fun little project I'm going to ask YOU to particpate in....

What's up gang? 

I was meaning to do this post this morning, but got caught up with that four letter word, "work," so I had to postpone...till NOW!

Anyway, last night while playing MW2, I came up with a fun little project that I was hoping to do and for it to start out on this blog. 

I'll write details later tonight about it, but I think once it steam rolls, it could quite possibly be one of the MOST fun things any of us card-collectors could do.

It's not a contest or anything like that, but when I thought about it, I couldn't help grinning -so keep your hats on and check back later!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just a quickie before I go home.....

What a busy day - not enough time to do much hobby relating posting, searching, or anything else.  So, I had a few moments, just long enough to troll around on some blogs.  On occasion, I let my mouse walk my computer screen over to the Beckett Blog, Topps.com, and Upper Deck's website.

I took a look at Upper Decks website and I see something, then read something, that made my heart sink.


This picture is from an interview of Upper Deck's Game-Used Room Clerk (Click here for the interview), some guy named Mark.   As I'm reading and looking at the pics, UD has some cool stuff in that little room.  But it was what was pointed in that interview that just killed me.

See that ball to the left there?  Quoting from the interview, 

UpperDeckBlog: And this looks like a Walter Johnson signed baseball?

Mark Shaunessy: It is. What we’ll do here is cut out the sweet spot out of the ball, so you’re not just getting a signature, but the ball it came from too.

WHAT???!!!  Are you freaking serious??!!!  You're going to cut up (if it's authentic) an actual Walter Johnson signed baseball to put on a f*cking card??!!!

That is the dumbest, most ludicrous, and most heinous thing I've seen or read in a very long time.  First of all, Walter Johnson's auto on baseball's is about as difficult to find as a Ty Cobb or Satchel Paige or Jim Thorpe signed material - it's THAT rare.  Why on earth would you cut up something as valuable as that to appease a few snot-nosed card collectors that probably have no idea who Walter Johnson is!  Unbelievable.  Absolutely unbelievable.  I would GLADLY pay top dollar for that ball just so UD CAN'T cut it up and put it on a card. 

Yes, I collect Goodwin relics with cut-up jersey's, pant's, etc, but we're talking about players that are currently still playing where UD could spend a year cutting up ONE players shit so they can put it on a card.  Even my Dimaggio relic isn't even that rare as you can find tons of his baseballs and bats that have auto's on it.

Grrrrr....that's not very cool Upper Deck!

More later!

In the single digits now!

I updated my needs list for Goodwin and once I get the Joe Nathan Relic, I'll be down to 9 cards needed to complete the set!

Woot woot! 

Ok, more later!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sick-Ass Mail Day! Woot! Hells to the yeah!

Alrighty, a mail-day post and then I'm off for some MW2 (that's Modern Warfare 2 baby!) This is gonna be a fun, and quick, mail day for meeeeeeeeeeeee!

Mr. Carlos Lee may now be checked off.  Interestingly enough, this particular cards sells EVERYTIME (mostly) and it's only a few dollars at the most; whereas some cards end with zero bidders, Carlos Lee's stuff really does move.  Go figure.

Remember a little while back ago when I posted my secret on how to complete a set, quickly and very cheaply?

Looky, looky, who got the nooky?

Although I didn't scan them all, I won this lot off of Ebay - 55 Gypsy Queen cards, for a staggering $6.00.  I remember when these first came out, the cards were selling like crazy, some of them for absolutely obnoxious amounts.  I'm only at 17% completion of the Gypsy Queen set, but with these 55, it'll catapult me to almost 40% complete I think.  Just like that.  And the complete GQ set is valued at roughly $200.  I'll complete the entire set for less than $30.

AGAIN - you set collectors - IF you collect 2010 Chicle when it comes out, buy some stuff, but for the love of god, save some money and wait a couple of months before you go hard-core to build a set.  Hell, wait almost 10 months and I promise you can finish that set pennies on the dollar!  (and if you have any commons, send them my way - hehehe shameless plug).

And now....here it is folks....an absolutely beautiful card to be added to my collection, one that I didn't think I'd own and after countless losses in auction....one of what I have now decided to term the "Elite Six"  ............deep breath.........


I have lost both auctions prior to this one, the last one by only $5 from jerk-ass seller.  Well, I get the last laugh as my snipe went off and I won this card for $20 LESS than what it went for in the auction before.  A very tough card, one of the "Elite Six."  

The Dimaggio has a print run of 20 cards.  So with this card, as with the Molitor, I have officially pissed off some set collectors out there.  This sucker is going into my PC and not seeing the light of day for a long, long time to come.

The Elite Six consist of six cards from the Goodwin Relic set with print runs of 50 or less.  They are:

Joe Dimaggio - Print run of 20
Buffalo Bill Cody - Print run of 5
Ted Williams - Print run of 40
Paul Molitor - Print run of 15
Lyndon Johnson - Print run of 5
Michael Jordan - Print run of 50

So off of my checklist, I HAVE:
Joe  Dimaggio
Paul Molitor
Michael Jordan

Which leaves me with:
Buffalo Bill Cody
Ted Williams
Lyndon Johnson

I'm absolutely sure the Johnson will come up for sale....but the other two....meh.  I'm going to go troll around and see if they might be up somewhere else (I have my secret auctions muwaahahahahahah).

Ok, I'm happy, so today wasn't as tough as I thought, which is a good thing.

Off to PS3 land kiddies!

More later!

Woot woot - PS3 is back up!

I'm still at work, but I'm seriously fiending me some PS3 and from the forums, it's back up!  Woot woot!

PS3 and Megan Fox for the win!

And I got my car back from the shop and she looks hella fine!

Now, if I could somehow have a solid card mail-day when I get home, that would be awesome!

But we'll see about that :)

Ok, more later!

Wow, it's all broke. I mean, ALLLL broke.....

It must be a Monday.

Because everything is broke!

For those of you that don't know, the PSN (Playstation Network) is completely down, so I can't even play a single game.  And because most PS3 games are tied into the PSN Trophy program, you can't even play games that don't even have online play.  Suxors!

And I'm saving up my money for some stuff, so I can't even go buy any baseball cards.  WTF??!!  Wahhhhhhh!

Save for some Ebay wins I MIGHT have (which is kind of unlikely as I'm not super-caring whether I win them or not), even my card collecting is broke.

AND  my freaking BMW is broke:
She's in the shop as we speak getting some body work - the pic above was when I had one of my low-pro tires replaced.  I haven't driven her in over week as she's been in the humble hands of some greasy-ass mechanics, so my driving pleasure has been reduced to, although somewhat comfortable, Ford Taurus (it's actually kind of nice, but certainly doesn't have the driving pleasures of a German-made beast).


It truly MUST be a freaking Monday.

Anyway, I have a fun mail-day going out to several people; I think I must have spent a couple of hours just trying to sort and pack everything out yesterday - I think there was a total of 10 packages/boxes going on.  A couple of the stacks were too fat, so instead of multiple envelopes, I shoved them into a mini-box.

I may have a cool mail-day today (or not) but if so, I'll post that up later as I can only assume the PSN will still be down.

Grrrrr.....me not happy!

More later!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's official: I'm collecting 2010 Topps Chicle and a quip about integrity in the hobby

You know, I've finished up most of my packing, with the exception of a couple, which I'm waiting on addresses for.  While I was going through my email and checking out Ebay, something triggered me to look up 2010 Topps Chicle, which I promptly did, looking at the Beckett Blog for the break down on the checklist:

2010 Topps National Chicle Checklist from the Beckett Blog

Nice.  Really nice.  I couldn't help the hoopla surrounding this set when it was first announced, with people bitching and complaining about the set and how some of them looked "ugly."  Well now, that's in the eye of the beholder, no?

I have EVERY intention of completing this set.  Here's why:

#1 - it's a good looking set - Babe Ruth in a Braves uniform?  That's called innovative.

#2 - the Relics and Auto Set is actually not filled with uber stars; don't get me wrong, it's a strong checklist, but not strong enough where a collector would severely struggle in completing the set.  The Relic and Auto set is also HALF of what Ginter and Goodwin had in their checklists; out of the Auto's, the only challenging ones I could foresee would be the Musial and the Beckham; unless they mysteriously (a la Goodwin) do SUPER short prints, both auto and relic set could be had at a fairly reasonable price.
 #3 - no mini's.  Thank God.  I've had my fill with the mini's and after I complete the Goodwin and Ginter set, I doubt I'll ever chase another set that has mini's in it again.  I can deal with the printing plates, but I've never considered them the part of the actual set (unless you refer to a master set).  Hey Topps and Goodwin, the fad is kinda over, so move along and let's slow down with the mini's, ok?

I'll do a much more thorough review of the set when it comes out :)

Now, referring to my earlier post about my mail outs.

I asked BA Benny from Benny's Card Buffet for his address to send him out a stack of Met's cards that I had.  He wrote back and gave me his address but told me he didn't have anything that I needed.  My response was, in a nutshell, "Hey, don't worry about it, when you pick up some stuff that I might collect in the future, save a few of them for me."  That simple.

Benny had some kind words for me in return and I appreciated that.

I started this blog to make a few friends in the blogosphere, have a few trading buddies, and progress the hobby forward.  I knew this was important, more so than ever, reading and being a part of the Net54 forum.

Some of you all should go take a read over there; it's mostly about cards that I would gather 90% of the collecters in this world know about, but do not touch - only because one card found at the forums can be equivalent to what you spend an entire YEAR on cards.  I'm talking about the guys that can spend $30,000 on a Sherry Magee error T206 and not blink an eye.

These guys are about integrity in a hobby that's about as American as it gets.

And when you lose that integrity....whew.....read some of the forum posts; these guys will tear up, spit out, beat on any jerk trader/collector that tries to hose, lie, cheat, or steal from the hobby that we love.

It's an absolute honor and pleasure to be part of that forum and I'm on it constantly to see what's going on with our hobby on the Vintage side. What makes these guys also different is that they are made up of Attorney's, Executives (ahem), Doctors, etc. a uniquely different breed of collector and it's just awesome seeing what these guys have and the pics they post up of stuff that most of us would only dream of.  (why spend $100's of dollars on Ebay for a bat-card of Joe Jackson when.....hell....just buy the whole bat.  $100K for the bat?  Meh, no problem).  As a matter of fact Keith Olberman, who is a hardcore T206 collector is a member of the board too (he doesn't write anything, but he's quiet lurker).

So anyway, I'd like to believe I'm on the safer side of the hobby and with the blogs I read, looks  like most, if not all on the blogosphere are safe to trade with and this is a very good thing; it's good because if there were shady people, guess what?  I'm pretty sure most of the blogoshpere would light up the person in question (like SCU's blog - that guy is all over those counterfeit cards in Ebay lol).

With that said, I hope everyone enjoy's the rest of the weekend, have a great and happy week of collecting and mail days, and try to stay warm (for those of you up in the NorthEast).

I'm grabbing a glass of wine (BevMo is the shit),  my PS3 controller, and I'm going to make a valiant attempt to Prestige up in Call of Duty.

Ok, more later!

PS - Have any of you played that game Dead Space?  Is it any good?

Mail-Out Day anyone?

It's Sunday, my quiet day.  My only day out of the week where it's relatively quiet, I can unwind, relax, not worry about work or anything else, and just do some fun stuff.

For me, lately it's been why I started this blog - Sports Cards.  I didn't say JUST baseball cards, but sports cards because I really do like all sports, as I'm sure most of you all do as well; I just have an affinity towards baseball :)

So, within 10 minutes I was able to accumulate this:

And this is just 10 minutes worth of going through my stuff.  I have a few more boxes to go through and then I'll have the joy of trying to pack all of this together, which I haven't figured out how I'm going to do yet.  What's more funny is that there's a few stacks that are being assembled that will require MULTIPLE envelopes because they're too fat to shove into one envelope.  Rawr!!!

All I ask in return is your 2009 Goodwin and 2009 Ginter;  and that's ONLY if you have any to spare.  By the way, I'll be asking for some of ya'll addresses today as I didn't get everyone's last time and for some of you who didn't get stuff, not to worry, it's round robin style, so there should be some stuff going out.

I'm hoping to have everything ship out tomorrow :)
lol ok, more later!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ah, a small mail day and some retail!

Moving on with the fun factor, I received a small Ebay mail day:

The Ichiro is pretty damn cool - it's my 3rd Moonlight card I have, so that leaves me with about 12 more to go.  I'm super slow in the Moonlight hunt as there's plenty of common cards I'm lacking, so no rush there.  Needed the two short prints towards the set, which leaves me almost 95% complete.  I'm thinking I'll be completed with the base, sp, ssp, and mini set by no later than the end of March.  At that point, I'll shift over to the Gypsy Queen set and the other wierd-o inserts (Citizens, Animals, etc) all of which have dropped in price, as expected, so it's a good thing I waited to complete the set as it will now cost about 40% LESS than what it would have cost me just 3 months ago.  Don't you love it when the new stuff comes out and people forget about the old stuff? I do muwahahahahahaha

From the retail packs, I picked up a few more Topps Platinum and picked up a gorgeous Glen Coffee white refractor, number 53/499.  Again, scans simply do not do justice to this set!

From a few UD packs, meh....good god, I do not know why I keep buying this stuff - I truly am going to stop.

Carlos Beltran All-World.  All-Whatever is more like it.

Ok,  more later!

Friday, February 26, 2010

I just figured something out with the Million Card Giveway.....

I'm a numbers guy.  Well, actually, I hate numbers, but I happen to be good at it. I dreaded math of any shape or form, but due to strict parents whom were unrelenting, I had no choice but to master the art of arithmetic.  And because of this, I was looking around at some blogs and I recalled yesterday that someone had posted some information that they found on Topps' Facebook account in regards to the Million Card Giveway - they were able to locate the quantity of cards unlocked for the promotion.

***Warning: Nerd Alert!!!***

So, I trolled around and I found the site, which is here:  Numerical Valuation of Actual Cards Unlocked and % of The Topps Million Card Give-Away Promotion.

Like my link line?  Nifty huh? lol

Anyway, I'm looking at the numbers and they're staring back at me just like as if I was in the Matrix, staring at the hot blonde girl in the red dress (come on you nerds, you know who I'm talking about).

Then I pulled out the calculator.

As the english would say, "Good show!"

I crunched a few numbers - you see, what YOU ALL see on the website are the actual unlocked number of cards.  But what I see is something completely different -I see the ACTUAL number of cards involved in the give-away.

Uh huh.

Bet you didn't think about that, did you?

I can gather, assuming the information is correct on the site, about how many 1952 cards are in the promotion.

Currently, there are 674 cards unlocked, with a percentage of 0.4% - in other words, less than 1% of the 1952 cards have been unlocked.  What does this mean?  It means that 674 have been given away - but another (approximate) 16,850 cards have NOT been unlocked.

Topps set up about 17,524 cards to give away.   This is also interesting because the 1952 Topps checklist accounts for 407 cards to complete the set (here's the checklist: 1952 Topps Checklist).

Well, let's do some more math:  17,524 divided by 407 = 43.056, or in other words, with this promotion, they are giving away the equivalent of 43 complete 1952 Topps sets.  Actually, it's more like 3 I believe as only 3 Mantles will be given away.

Again, I WARNED YOU of the Nerd Alert (hey, I'm bored at the office and I'm about to go home, so I needed something to use up the time, so bite me).

Anyway, what's the point of this post?  2 things.

#1 - You can now gauge about how many total number of cards they're giving away based on the year; they've given away a little more than 12% of the cards (21,839) total from year 2000 till now, so that translates into about 185,000 cards from the year 2000 till now that they HAVEN'T given away yet.  So out of the million cards they're giving away, nearly a quarter of them will be from the year 2000 to now.  For those of you who don't want to do the math, in other words, 500,000 out of the 1 million cards will be from 1980 to now (half the total number of cards for the promotion).

AND the 2nd point:

#2 - No point at all - again, just bored and felt like being a geek for a few minutes.

Ok, more later!

Am a Goodwin Expert?

Apparently, I am considered (by at least ONE person) to be a Goodwin expert.

And I'm ok with this; I guess in the pursuit of a complete master set, I've focused more heavily on Goodwin than Ginter or the T206's.  I'm somewhat knowledgeable of the T206's, but nowhere near an expert.  As for Ginter, I know enough to get by.  So that would leave Goodwin as my bread and butter. 

I've helped update the Goodwin section at the Baseball-Card-Pedia site and I'm religiously scouring the various boards about Goodwin.

And I have every reason to believe that I'll be the 2010 Topps National Chicle expert as well - I've seen even more pics at the Beckett Blog and reviewing the checklists, not only is this set attainable, but it's not NEARLY as obnoxious in size as the base 2010 Topps or Upper Deck sets.  In fact, there are LESS autos/relics in the Chicle set than there are in Ginter.  In addition, the numbers are somewhat similar to Goodwin's in regards to quantity and checklist.  So, with that said, I'll be pre-ordering a box of the stuff from either Adam and Dave's Cardworld or Atlanta Sportscards - whichever has the lowest price (I'm guessing Atlanta as they always seem to have a better price and their boxes seem luckier - great, I just jinxed myself).  And there'll be a review once I get them.

In the meantime, some of you will notice that I've dropped the number of needed Goodwin relics to.....

Yah!  Only 10 more to go.  Actually, it's a little bit higher, but I've ordered/won some cards that are on the way, which leaves me with 10.  I'll do a post, probably around mid-March, with the last, few, mythical Relics that I'll be chasing and it may be a very long time to obtain them.

I've gone as far as to contact Upper Deck about them (which they never responded - not even with a courtesy email) so I guess I'm on my own - and with ya'lls help, I might be able to track them down!

Ok, more later!

Epic Fail - no mail and lost snipes and lost "other things"


Epic fail yesterday on the hobby front. I went to Target, but restrained myself from buying any packs because I need to save up my money for something else (and I need to pay down a credit card lol).

AND to top it off, I didn't get to get on my comp very much last night due to my tiredness, so a sorry needs to go out to Drew as I didn't check for any Yanks.

AND I didn't get any mail loot - which really didn't surprise me as most of my Ebay mail days are dwindling as I'm getting ever so close to completing the Goodwin relic sets.  I've been waiting on a few cards to come up for auction, but I think I'm going to go ahead and just BIN as the prices are fair and it'll allow me to knock off a few from my list immediately.

I'm also working on updating the link on my right for my wants/needs list.  Thanks again to Drew for pointing out how to do it off of Gmail Docs, so I'll work on that later today.

I may run out today, but most likely not as it's suppose to be miserable here today in California - but then I guess it's not nearly as bad as Marie and Sooz have it over at A Cardboard Problem.

Ok, more later!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Holy Cow...now THAT'S a pitcher I'll be betting on....

You know, the game of baseball, and with baseball card collectors, has always been a breeding ground of pseudo-stock brokers, a la the baseball card route.  Collectors have always been prospecting and certainly it hasn't changed since when I left the hobby and now.  The only major difference is now, the prospecting is done with cards that are deemed higher-end (thus the higher possibility of return) - of course, there's always the risk vs reward factor when doing this.

Anyone remember Big Ben McDonald?  How about Jerome Walton?

The busts are there - always have been, always will be.  But on RARE occasion, you just want to gamble because, well, damn it, a player is just THAT good.  Case in point:


I was reading a few blogs and ran across The Writer's Journey and he had posted a link to a video showing Aroldis Chapman doing some live batting/pitching practice.  You can find the vid here: Aroldis Hammering Away (watch the change up).  

Amazing.  Simply Amazing.  This kid has got a serious arm, pretty decent control - some of the balls furiously hurtling to the catcher are simply a BLUR - the only reason you know it's a baseball flying by is because you know what the sport is. 

I'm not a prospector, but now after watching him throw (and this is on the freaking internet - I can only imagine what it must be like to be a batter and go a few rounds), holy cow - if he can stay healthy, he could easily be a dominating force on the mound.  I have a few of the Bowman cards of him, but now I'm beginning to itch to pick up his Donruss Elite auto.

Hmmmm.....if I go that route, better do it now before the season starts.

Or he could be a bust. 

Or not.

Decisions, decisions.

Ok, more later!

Yuppers, still kickin

No post lately as yesterday was a massive meeting day for me at work - that and no cards as of now.

What I can post is that I'll be going to Target today - again....grrrrrrr..... and I think I'll have a mini-mail day today.   Also, I'll be spending a portion today putting together numerous packages and stuff so this should be fun.

Ok, more later!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finally, a few packs, mail-days, and cool cards

Ok, I'm home, after a 2 hour, traffic filled drive.  I'm cold, tired, and I've been dying to play Call of Duty.  So, let's get to business, alright?

First up

Brian from Play at the Plate came through and hooked me up!  You're Chicle cards are in the mail (or rather, were in the mail cuz I sent them out last week lol)  I snuck in a few other cards too ^.^!  Incidentally, I'm going to package up MORE stuff to mail out this weekend which will go out next Monday.  What cracks me up is that  I've had these packed up, but need to add MORE cards to the mix hahaha  Even Waxaholic is getting stuff - gotta go to the post office for that one cuz it's heading up north to Canada.

Some cards to mark off the old checklist.  Ya know, I seriously cannot wait to get to my loot back in Texas...I keep talking about it....sigh.....I have a ton of fun stuff that's dying to be mailed out lololol.

Thanks again Brian!!!  I'll keep sending you loot :)

Next up!

Pimp.  Just Pimp.

Paul Molitor? A Pimp?  Hells yeah.  As I stated before, I don't mind outing my auctions every once in awhile - this just so happens to be one that I refused to out.  And, out of all the short print relics in Goodwin, I intentionally left this one out.   Why?  Because in the last 6 months, I've seen exactly 3 of these come up.  The first time, I let it pass because I wasn't aware it was a short print and I wasn't sure if I was going to collect the relics.  Well, we all know where I am with that now, don't we?

This one finally came up again - actually, two of them, about 1 day apart.  Although not terribly expensive, I knew it would carry a premium.  BECAUSE THIS MOLITOR RELIC CARRYS A PRINT RUN EVEN SMALLER THAN THE DIMAGGIO!  The Dimaggio has a print run of only 20.  The Molitor has a print run of only 15!  In other words, NOW I know for a FACT that for those collectors out there trying to complete a 2009 Goodwin Relic set, there is exactly 14 other people out there that can complete it - because I took one of the 15 cards.  Muwahahahahahahahaha!

Ok, enough evil laugh. 

Next! Mr. James Shields

For some strange reason, Mr. Shields here, although not a short print, sells fairly well - that is, there's a demand for the card, but because it's relatively available, I always seemingly got outbid on this card by a staggering $0.25.  This shit pissed me off.  Ok, no it didn't lol.  But I did pick it up for like $2, so no complaints :)


Sickness.  It must but a Paul Molitor Day.

Wow, what a kick-ass group of autos.  First up, the Molitor - yet another SP with a run of 25 - major score!  I have several SP cards now with limited runs, so I KNOW I pissed off a few set collectors out there with this score.  Hella good price too, so I'm happy.  The Atkins, not a short print, but another card that I was constantly losing at no more than a quarter or $0.50 cents.  Annoying.  The Roy White - now I LIKE this card.  Undoubtedly, NY fans were buying this card, not set collectors and on the secondary market, this card has a pretty strong price.  I noticed the seller was selling all 3 of these cards, so with the Molitor being my chaser, I said to hell with it and bid up all 3 - and won all three.  I am uber excited about these cards and they make an awesome addition to my collection.

On a side note, the auto cards collection chase is going to be a major pain in my ass and I am beginning to doubt my wanton desire to complete that set; the secondary market on marquee players is amazingly painful to even look at.  There's a Jeter up on the Bay now, with a BIN price of $500.00.  There's no way I'm squandering that kind of money on a modern day card - in fact, in a few seconds, you'll see why.  I'm noticing the same thing on the Jordan, which I've seen go for $800, and the Lebron, going for a strong $400.  Just not my cup of tea with modern day cards.  But what WOULD I spend that kind of money for?

This:  (which came in the mail yesterday)

I know what you're thinking - Ganley?  What's a Ganley?  WHO's a Ganley?

It's Bob Ganley.  It's an original T206, not a buy back.  Which by the way, Topps can't "buy-back" this card because they never made them to begin with.

Believe it or not, I don't only look at the modern day stuff on Ebay and around the boards, but I ALSO keep a keen eye out for my beloved T206's.  The Bob Ganley, including several other common T206's, are considered the most difficult to find a good condition.

Imagine a 1988 Bo Jackson Topps card that you need to complete your set, but the only ones you seem to find up for sale are piss-poor, beaten the hell up, kind of cards.  So when a NICE condition 1988 Bo Jackson comes up, book guide states it's worth $.10 cents, but bidding has skyrocketed the card to $20.  You're thinking, "WHAT THE HELL??!!"  Yuppers, that would be Bob Ganley's T206 card.  Although you can't do a search for it now because none of have sold recently other than the one I bought for $30, you'll see that this card, even in modest condition, have spiraled upwards from anywhere from $75 to $125 ranges.  So I figured I would bid, no snipe, and just let it ride, and I won it.  I'm super happy about this purchase and now if I can hit up some Ty Cobb's......sigh......


Oh damn, that was awesome.  Um.  I think I had one more thing to post....Oh yeah, my Target packs.


I did buy four packs of Topps and two of them had the million card giveway cards - meh, so much for the 1 in 6 odds.  I did NOT however redeem them - I noticed that the cards are NOT predetermined; in other words, the code on your card does not have a card on the Topps end that's been determined already. I'm fairly confident that it's all randomized.  So check the main redemption page and if you see a string of older cards, THEN redeem.  If not, hold on to them.  At least that's what I'm thinking.  So I'll wait to redeem those later this week ^.^!

Jeesh, I just shoved my cards in my pantry and.....grrrrrrrrrr....I have major freaking mail-out day for many of ya'll next week, so for those of ya'll who got cards in the mail already, imma send some more.  I gotta clear this stuff out!

And I'll update my needs list this weekend fo' sure!

Ok, now I am SERIOUSLY needing some PS3 time, so imma go play.

More later!

Wicked "I just sniped yo' momma, how you like that?" Liquids