Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2010 Razor Rookie Retro

Ok, just when I thought I was done for the night, I read on Marie & Sooz's blog about the product like from Razor and the checklist.

You guys ALSO know that sometimes, I over think stuff.  I'll give you an example - I went to my local dealer over the weekend and he knows that I "probably" have a little more money then his average customer.  So he's trying to unload higher end product on me.  Of course, I'm a real stickler about newer stuff and other than for a pack here and there, I'm just not interested - I prefer watching youtube and letting everyone else open that stuff up.

Well, here's the over thinking part.  I was reading A Cardboard Problem and saw their post about Razor - and I saw the checklist.

And then I snickered.


After I saw the checklist, I immediately went to Youtube and started watching the box and case breaks.  (stop if you know where I'm going with this).  Then I looked at the checklist.  Obviously there are countless number of this product that's NOT Youtube'd, but with a tiny bit of research, you can figure out what's been opened.  Cross check what you see is pulled on Youtube, what other bloggers have for sale, what other websites have up, and what's on ebay.  Guess what?

You've just mathematically figured out what has been pulled/released and if there's something specific that you're looking for on that checklist, you've just INCREASED your odds.  Make sense? No? That's ok, not everyone will get what I"m saying - I'm NOT saying you're going to pull the Strassburg...what I AM saying is that the likelihood just got BETTER for you that you MAY pull it - 13 pages worth of listed cards on the checklist, plus a few multiple cards (different grades) and you have pretty damn good idea how many cases were produced; then start marking off what's coming up around the blogosphere and Ebay, etc and there you go - you've just improved your odds.

Here's the Razor Rookie Retro Link

Razor Rookie Retro Checklist


By the way, I was reading FCB and 2010's code has already been broken - way cool for that individual.  Guess what?  I'm taking a SOLID crack at 2011's contest and trust me, I'll break that sucker hella fast.  Watch....and if you want to help me out, contact me and let's crack the code for next year - we'll split our earnings 50/50.  I read both write ups on how the code was broken...I figured both Jason Wong's version and the 2010 version of how they cracked the code and figured out how both did it after reading about a 3rd of the way in of the write ups.  Not a problem.  :)

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