Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What the heck.......and a FAIL!

Ok...whew....let me recap what's going on and it'll make sense (by the way Mark, thanks for the kind words!).

First of all, the house is going well...and it's been the #1 reason why I've had to stop posting for a bit.  As a matter of fact, I'm actually writing this post from the floor as I don't have any furniture and I have comp set up on an end table.... REALLY.

I work pretty much 13 hour days and by the time I get home, I have about an hour or so of down time, which I spent painting the inside of my house.  After 3 months, I finished! Go me!

Now I'm painting the doors and trim, so that's another week out.  Then lastly the floor.  (I'll get to the baseball part soon, trust!)

Guess how long since I've ripped open a pack or bought anything on Ebay?

Since I've bought the house.  FAIL!

I even walked past the BB card isle at Target without buying a single pack (although I did stop to look).


Sigh....BUT I DID successfully pick up something Ebay - alas, I can't post because my scanner is still packed away, but I'll scan stuff once I get done unpacking and laying down my floor the way I want (the scan will also include a PSA 9 Goodwin Champions Tiger Woods Relic that I picked up - super sharp card).

I have to admit, I did get beat out for a Mickey Doolin T210 coupon card on ebay - I bid super high, but still got my but whooped...hate it when that happens!

Ok, I'll post more later, hopefully get my scanner up sooner than the way - any of you know who Sportscardgirl is?  Not gonna lie - she's hot - and her youtube breaks are cool to watch.

Alright boys n girls - see ya'll soon!

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