Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ah, a small mail day and some retail!

Moving on with the fun factor, I received a small Ebay mail day:

The Ichiro is pretty damn cool - it's my 3rd Moonlight card I have, so that leaves me with about 12 more to go.  I'm super slow in the Moonlight hunt as there's plenty of common cards I'm lacking, so no rush there.  Needed the two short prints towards the set, which leaves me almost 95% complete.  I'm thinking I'll be completed with the base, sp, ssp, and mini set by no later than the end of March.  At that point, I'll shift over to the Gypsy Queen set and the other wierd-o inserts (Citizens, Animals, etc) all of which have dropped in price, as expected, so it's a good thing I waited to complete the set as it will now cost about 40% LESS than what it would have cost me just 3 months ago.  Don't you love it when the new stuff comes out and people forget about the old stuff? I do muwahahahahahaha

From the retail packs, I picked up a few more Topps Platinum and picked up a gorgeous Glen Coffee white refractor, number 53/499.  Again, scans simply do not do justice to this set!

From a few UD packs, meh....good god, I do not know why I keep buying this stuff - I truly am going to stop.

Carlos Beltran All-World.  All-Whatever is more like it.

Ok,  more later!

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