Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some mail day stuff and a few packs...

First of all - Topps Platinum is incredible.  Wow.  I haven't been blown away by any recent football cards till now (which is a big reason why I don't buy that much of football). These cards are just SICK!  I stopped by Target today and picked up several packs of this a few other cards:

The scans simply do not do justice for this set.

The Platinum Parallels also rock - thick-ass cards, each numbered to 1549.  These are just as beautiful as the regular base cards....damn, the Platinum series might bring me back into football

And I got a hit - all of this from retail!

Sorry for the crooked scan.  Yes, it's a sticker auto, but seriously, these are beautiful cards, in the modern day sense of the word.

And in the mail, Mr. Gaylord Perry himself.  This jersey card is actually pretty nice.

Next up, I bought a few packs of Topps 2010:  (I'll do a few packs, then move on to the next mail-day card)

Again, I can't emphasize enough that I think the inserts are fun (lame, for sure, but fun).  My favorite of course is the Mantle.

Now this next set is pretty cool - whenever I see Roger Maris cards, I kinda flip out - I really like him WAY over Mantle.  I realize that some of you make think that I'm crazy.  To that answer, SO?  And yes, that Dustin Pedroia is actually a YOUR MOM THREW OUT CARD.  Which is probably 100% true as I'm sure many of you have stacks of these cards somewhere - they only came out a couple of years ago!

This next card, although not rare, is pretty damn cool.  It's another Throw Your Momma From the Train card of Cal Ripken - but with the original back. 

Ok, next mail day mail!  Cha-Ching!

9 Relic cards, all of which I needed - and to reference one of my earlier posts, purchased using the "lot" method.  Total cost of win, with shipping?  $14.01.  Total cost if I had bought boxes?  2 Relics per box at $95 per box = over $500.  Do the math guys - complete a set, start with lots!

Ok, that's it for the mail-day stuff for today, so let's get back to a few more packs:

The best, I thought, were these two cards - the Youkilis by the way is an original back.  Not bad, not bad at all.

Ok, a few more packs, then I'm go troll around other blogs:

Quite possibly the BEST, and cheesiest, insert set of the year: UD's Predictors!  Ah man, I was freaking cracking up reading and looking at these (not the Griffey - he 'da man!).  I am officially going to try to complete the Predictor set; it's so ludacris, how could anyone NOT want to complete this little mini set?

Ok, that's it for now - more later, or not :P 


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