Friday, February 5, 2010

For Trade!

I completely forgot that, well, there's no way anyone can trade with me if I don't list what I have for trade - duh!  With that said, this weekend, I'll set up a separate page, with pics, of cards I have to trade - you'll see the link to the right.


Wicked "I'll trade yo momma" Liquids


SpastikMooss said...

Just found your site today, and I'll bite on the team/player thing. Well, player I guess, as I'm mainly a player collector.

Number 1 guy is Fred McGriff, I am trying to reach 500 different McGriff cards by 2011.

After that I collect Prince Fielder, Joakim Soria, Jose Lopez, Rich Hill, and guys with great names (Rusty Kuntz, Pete LaCock, Wonderful Terrific Monds, etc.)

SpastikMooss said...

Oh and I saw you said all sports in an earlier post. So I'll add a hockey team (Worcester Ice Cats, formerly of the AHL) if you have any of them.

I'll also add three football players (Duce Staley, Josh Cribbs, Seneca Wallace) and two basketball players (Ray Allen and Tyronn Lue). Let me know if that's too much, as I can trim!