Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mail-Out Day anyone?

It's Sunday, my quiet day.  My only day out of the week where it's relatively quiet, I can unwind, relax, not worry about work or anything else, and just do some fun stuff.

For me, lately it's been why I started this blog - Sports Cards.  I didn't say JUST baseball cards, but sports cards because I really do like all sports, as I'm sure most of you all do as well; I just have an affinity towards baseball :)

So, within 10 minutes I was able to accumulate this:

And this is just 10 minutes worth of going through my stuff.  I have a few more boxes to go through and then I'll have the joy of trying to pack all of this together, which I haven't figured out how I'm going to do yet.  What's more funny is that there's a few stacks that are being assembled that will require MULTIPLE envelopes because they're too fat to shove into one envelope.  Rawr!!!

All I ask in return is your 2009 Goodwin and 2009 Ginter;  and that's ONLY if you have any to spare.  By the way, I'll be asking for some of ya'll addresses today as I didn't get everyone's last time and for some of you who didn't get stuff, not to worry, it's round robin style, so there should be some stuff going out.

I'm hoping to have everything ship out tomorrow :)
lol ok, more later!

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