Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hella tired and Goodwin is irritating me.....

Ok, quick post.  I have a super busy work day and I don't think I'll be able to post till later this afternoon.  Anyway, I got home last night and I was super exhausted and stressed.  Work has been kicking my ass, I have mounds of paperwork, I'm sorting cards for next weeks mail out, all while on my computer with 10 window's up, looking at houses and emailing back and forth with my realtor (cards are not the only thing I apparently place bids on - I'm bidding on 5 to 7 houses by this afternoon too), which of course, causes even MORE mounds of paperwork.


So when taken into consideration drive time and really NO time to unwind last night, I worked a cumulatively 15 hour day yesterday.  Finally, maybe around 9 o'clock, I got fed up and shut everything down, kicked on the PS3, cranked up the volume, and started to rock Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  Here's a screenshot of the results of my first game:

That's right, I steamrolled a grip of players, became immortal, and was feared by all, baby!  By the way, if any of you play CoD, you can obviously see my screen name - add me if you're on a PS3.  I'm at 4th level Prestige and closing in on 5th.

Ok, I have some meetings, then need to run out and buy a large screen TV and some computers.  I'll be back later!


Wicked "I pwned your momma on Call of Duty" Liquids

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