Monday, February 8, 2010

Quick Mail Day...And Did I Get Ebay Bipped??

Just a quick mail day from 'da Bay:

Brian McCann - check one more relic to take off my list (I'll be updating my needs list shortly btw).

I needed the Palmer relic...but the seller sent it too me surrounded by hockey cards - I've been EBAY BIPPED!.  I haven't bought hockey cards in years!  I love hockey by the way, I just never go into the cards that much.  Although I did have a small crush with that Manon Rheume chick from back in the day. 

And finally, a VERY nice card of a HOF'er, and definitely a short print in the Goodwin series AND another card I can take off my checklist.  I believe the quantity on this card is only 50 signed.  But again, this is from Upper Deck, so Mr. McWilliams probably has another 10,000 of these in his desk somewhere, waiting to be released.

Ok, I'm off to do some updating!

Oh, before I go, do me a favor?  If you signed up to the right, please message/email me your name and addy - I'm going to be stuffing envelopes later this week so it'll be a fun mail day for ya'll!


Wicked "Is gonna mail yo' momma!" Liquids

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