Friday, February 12, 2010

A-Rod's pants and a mail-day??!!

Just a quick mail-day post before I head out:

Envelope #1 - Check off Rick Cerone on my list.  I remember being a kid and watching him play - kinda thought he was cool!

Envelope #2: Phil Hughes, SP base - I have NO idea why I bought this card, because I already have it....grrrrrr I think I BIP-icided myself on this one

Envelope #3: Jeremy Bloom SP and Jonathan Albaladejo SP - now, these two I DID need.  And why does Jonathan look so pissed?  Or rather, he looks like a slight deformed Vin Diesel.
 Envelope #4: David Ortiz - oh yeah, Big Papi is in the house.  This knocks down one more relic from the checklist - by the way, the number to the right also represents cards that are on the way and not yet in my hands.

Envelope #5: A-Rod's pants.  Jeesh, talk about an impulse buy hahahaha  I still kinda/sorta want to do a A&G relic set so when I was looking around on Ebay, I noticed someone had this card up for $6.50, so I said, sure why not.  I bid. I won.  And I ended up with the pants

Envelope #6:  Yovani Gallardo - meh, needed him also for the "kinda/sorta" Ginter set.....

Ok, gotta head out for a bit for the GF's birthday party - later ya'lls!


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