Monday, February 8, 2010

Posting & Storage

I post a lot.  That is, when I have time.  This is evidenced in my original blog - The Chronicles of Wicked - which was written when I fell out of the hobby and played nothing but video games.  When I was running that blog, I would post up to 12 times a day - insane, right?  Not that bad actually, because the volume of people following me was insane.  Then I stopped.  I got this thing called a "REAL" job and I had to slow that down a bit.

So here's the point of my post - storage.  More specifically, what I have in storage in Houston.  You see, when I lived in Texas, my job required me to travel a whole lot - in fact, I counted at least 10 apartments that had my name or my name associated with it at one point or another.  Awhile back ago, I got burnt out and just up and quit.  I had saved enough money, I actually looked at my finances and realized I didn't have to work for two years if I didn't want to.  I moved home and put up the rest of my stuff into storage, much like this unit here:


Then I landed a job in Cali and took off, taking about half of what was in my storage with me.  The rest of it? Well, it consisted of:

Yes, I have a GRIP of comic books stored away.  I collected back when Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane, and Jim Lee were on their game.  I have tons of Xmen, FF4, Iron Man, etc. etc.  I also collected a lot of the Dark Horse stuff, like the original Aliens series, etc.  Yes, I was/am a nerd - remember that because you'll see that theme run often in this post.  Value wise, I have no earthly clue what any of that stuff is worth and there is no way in hell I'm going to have ANY of it graded; well, that's a lie.  I know of a few books that I have that are highly collectible and might be worth grading, but the rest of it, I'll hold onto.  
Next is this:

Yes, I jumped onto the bandwagon just like everyone else - if you were a comic book collector, then you HAD to have some toys.  My toy collection is not extensive at all - in fact, if I recall, I have about 3 or 4 boxes filled with un-opened toys.  Some Star Wars, some other stuff - random mix of Marvel Legends, etc.  Just a hodge-podge of stuff!
And you can't have toys unless you have these:

I actually don't have THESE Starting Line Ups, but I do have some classic ones that command a premium; for example, I have the Alex Rodriguez Extended piece from his rookie season with the Mariners.  I have the Ripkin, iron-man piece celebrating his number of consecutive games played.  And I have the Joe Montana retirement piece with him in the Kansas City uniform.  I have several other pieces of baseball, hockey, football, and basketball.
Needless to say, I miss all that stuff in storage - stuff that I kept during my childhood and collecting.  But more on that in a second.  Because I have even MORE stuff in there that I forgot about, like:

Again, I TOLD you I was/am a nerd!  Although I don't have THESE cards, I do have a good chunk of Magic cards.  Just a quick, funny story about this. I played Magic I think for all of about 4 months.  The guy that taught me how to play Magic was Robert Rodriguez's little brother, Marcel.  Robert is the director behind El Mariachi, From Dusk till Dawn, you know, Quinten Tarantino's ass-buddy.  Robert wasn't super popular then as he was just starting to film From Dusk till Dawn.  I was offered to go to Arizona to watch some of the filming, but I politely declined because Marcel was a dick and hanging out with him for a weekend would have freaking killed me.  

When I get my junk out of storage one day, the Magic cards are going straight up onto Ebay.  Apparently, some of these cards are worth more than any baseball cards that I own - and from the looks of it, have absolutely NO problem whatsoever when it comes to selling.  I started playing with the Alpha, Beta, and unlimited release and if I have any of the power 9, well, that's just bank.  (insert NERDNESS HERE).

And lastly, in storage, you will find the bulk of my collection of this stuff:


I have so many cards in storage, it's not funny.  And the great part about it is, when I finally get access to this stuff, it's going straight out to the collecting community.  I do not recall anything that I have in there but for a few choice items, but I have EVERY sport from just about EVERY brand sitting in some long, 400 ct boxes in storage, including Hockey and boxing.  
But just be warned, when I get a hold of that stuff, some serious bipping is going to be happening.  In fact, I'm going to update my address list and start mailing shit out for a week.  Of course, there's some super choice stuff in there....especially, ironically, from baseketball lol  And I have some obligatory, un-opened packs from random makers sitting in those boxes (My favorite being an un-opened cello pack of 1992 Bowman baseball with the McGwire gold foil on the front and the Barry Bonds gold foil in the back - what are the odds of those two making it into the cello pack, front and back? haha)   Some of the packs I kept un-opened because you could see HOF'ers on the front - no, I'm not a pack searcher - I bought packs and noticed a few, very few, with major players on the front, so I shoved those in a box and forgot about them.  

I only get to go see my storage unit once a year, when I go home for Christmas.  However, I didn't go check the stuff out last year, so I haven't seen what's in storage now for a better part of 2 years.  I'm hoping that I might be able to pull all that junk out sometime in December.  I just dropped a FAT-ASS check to show as deposit on a house I'm trying to buy.  If I land a house this year, I'm going to make every attempt to unload that storage unit and share the wealth even more with the collecting community - so make sure you get your team names/players to me!

Ok, this post is long enough.  I'm out.


Wicked "Found your mom in storage" Liquids


AdamE said...

Put me down for Red Sox and boxing cards.

Wickedliquids said...


Anonymous said...

Dude.... What do you do for a living?? Marlins by the way...and some of those boxing cards as well...Damn Adam beating me to the

Anonymous said...

Dude.... What do you do for a living?? Marlins by the way...and some of those boxing cards as well...Damn Adam beating me to the

Wickedliquids said...

Hey Wickedortega - I'm a health care administrator so I use to travel a lot, but now I'm more stable, just hella long hours lol I'll put you down for the Marlins - send me your add and some players you collect

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