Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Large Mail Day, Sick Card, and closer to the set!

Well, you know, when the Postal Service decides to take a day off, I can only imagine what's going to happen - and it usually does;  A LARGE MAIL DAY!  Let's get started!

Envelope #1
OJ Mayo and Derrick Rose; I needed the Rose, so that leaves me with a double of the Mayo - and one less card to chase down.  And why do both look like they just got out of church?

Envelope #2
Mr. Jeter - I don't buy up a whole lot of his stuff because, well, I don't want to  jump on the band wagon.  But I did need this card and one more off the list.  And it's a pretty nice card I have to admit.

Envelope #3
Rawr!  Another McCann that I accidentally bid on....lol...BIP-icide!!!

Envelope #4
Mr. Thome - this card is actually pretty cool - great shot of him....watching someone ELSE run the base? Meh, I dunno.  And one more check off my list!

Envelope #5
Eek - accidental BIP-icide; bid on another Thome thinking I wasn't going to win...then I won.  Damn it.  But hey, I got the Carlton which I needed muwahahahahahaha :)  Also, I think I like this Thome card than the one above - it has a stripe, so dual color? Whatever.

Envelope #6
Brad Hawpe!  Imma be honest here, I don't think I caught a single Rockies game last year because......I just don't like purple.  I mean blue, green, white, etc, but I can't do purple.  Wait, I'm lying, I have one purple shirt that I paid an obnoxious amount of money for....and now when I look at it, I think "obnoxious" and I won't wear it.  Grrrrrr........

Envelope #7
Another Craig Nettles - inadvertent BIP-icide again.  Grrrrr....right about now, I feel like I'm doing the Topps Million card give away thing, just getting the same damn jersey card over and over again.

Envelope #8
Oh HELL yah, now we're talking - Bo Jackson and Mike Schmidt.  I LOVE Bo Jackson - this fucker ruled the shit when he was playing both football and baseball.  And I watched Mike play too - but I hear he's somewhat of a jerk now for autograph seekers.  Whatever - I think I wanted a mustache like his when I was 12.

Envelope #9
Oh yeah, another great card!  Yogi Berra!  I LOVE this card - for only one simple reason - the size of this guys head!  Man, look at that melon!  I think the artist rendition of this card is great; I wonder what they used to make this card; would love to have a copy of it.  It's like his head is barely proportionate to the rest of his body lol

Envelope #10
Well not all of them can be relics lol  I am actually still short from finishing the base and mini set, but not by much.  I'm 92% done on the base (missing SSP's) and 83% on the mini's.  I've been taking my time with the base and mini set because they're more readily obtainable than the relics and autos; but more importantly, I don't want to end up paying for each card separately, so what I do is pretty much wait for lots to roll around, then I buy up the lots - this leaves me with a lot of extra SP's and SSP's which eventually I'll trade away.
I need Sr. here, so that's one more off my list.

And lastly, envelope #11
Just grossly sick!  I can tell you, I WAYYYYYYY overpaid for this card.  But the fact of the matter is, there are only 50 copies of this card, which makes it one of the major short print auto's in the set.  Also, I probably  paid more than I should have because now I can clearly see that when collecting Goodwin, or any other set, I'm going to run into two major problems:  #1 - other collectors trying to complete the set #2 - other collectors that are player collectors.  This is a major challenge for me for the auto set as nearly half of Goodwin's auto set is short printed.  The good part is, not that many are of players that are widely sought after, so picking up the cards at a reasonable price is very much do-able.  I really liked this card and I felt strongly about paying what I did for it - it's a short print of a pretty damn good player, it's on-card, and it's a beautiful card,  and this one is staying in my personal collection for a very long time :-)  (and yes, that's  just tape on the top-loader, not on the card lol)

I have some more sick mail days coming, so stay tuned!


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