Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm scanning in the trade cards.... we speak.  Hit refresh a few times - this taking a bit longer than I thought, so you may want to check back a few times.  I have quite a bit of cards to scan and I want to provide high-res scans.  The cards that I'm scanning in now are a mix of all sports.  I'll also provide a list of cards that I have available for trade, but that list won't be very long as I'lll probably send them out to various fellow bloggers in return for their Goodwin and Ginter stuff.  Again, call out your teams or players so I can list them :)

If you see any cards you would like to trade for, please check on my needs list and let's do some trading!!

Oh and I'm trying to knock out my football and basketball cards first with my scanning, so just check back and you'll see the baseball stuff pop up.


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