Friday, February 5, 2010

36 to go!

36 more to go!  That is, to finish the relic set for Goodwin.  I find it ironic that the base set is not complete (1-150) as I'm only missing card number 33.  The SP is not complete as I'm missing several there.  And the SSP's, I'm missing only 3.  In other words, I can complete the master base set with all the SP's and SSP's fairly quickly I think. 

I have several relics that are on the way and I hope to be in the 20's very soon.  It's the last SP and Auto's subset that I'm trying to formulate a plan to obtain.  I've joined probably a dozen or so trading forums with no luck whatsoever in finding certain cards.  Ya know, it almost feels as if UD never released them.  A couple of those SP's, I've NEVER seen for sale or trade, so they're sitting in someone's collection now.

Big sigh......

By the way, thanks to those of you who have signed up for the card give-away; you're going to free up some storage space and honestly, I much prefer to give the cards to collectors who will appreciate them - I do not, and have not, sold a card in many, many years; I'm just not that interested in selling - I'd much rather just give them away or trade them lol

Anyway, it's simple how it works - I have several envelopes prepped and as I get the cards and sort them out, once the envelope is full, I mail them off.  If the same teams are picked or same players are picked, I just do a round-robin type of sort. 

And I apologize if I inadvertently BIP was NOT intentional.

Well, maybe.


Ciao!  Wicked "Imma BIP your momma" Liquids

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