Monday, February 15, 2010

My Million Card Give-Away Loot

Well, finally made it home and I took off a little early because I wasn't feeling that all great.  I log onto the Topps website and do the million card give way code thing

Card #1

Ok, I'm not impressed.  1987 was great - for Donruss and Fleer.  Not so much with the fake wood-grain paneling around the card.  In other words, I'm not off to a great start:  Yay for Tracy Jones!

Card #2

Nice - MUCH better!  Other than the pre-war stuff I have (1909 to 1911), I don't own a SINGLE card from the 50's, 60's, or 70's (Although I do have a very nice Bud Padgett Remar Bread card - if you're a higher-end collector, you know what I'm talking about - I should do a post on that card - I think some of you might really like how I obtained it).  I actually like this card - kinda neat:

Card #3

Steve Avery, 1993.  This card is going out the door to a Braves collector whom can be found on my sidebar.  In fact, I think this was the last year that I bought cards before I quite the hobby.

Card #4

Sigh....another 1987.  Good god.  I'd burn every card made in 1987 if I could - or at least find a way to grind them all into some kind of pulp and recycle the freaking paper. I remember Dempsey as a kid.  Barely.

Card #5

Salazar.  From the 1988 set.  Which I spent all my lunch money completing.  I GAVE UP A LOT OF REALLY GOOD TASTING FUCKING CAFETERIA BURRITOS FOR THIS TOPPS SET.  Ah, live and learn.  Never ever do a base Topps set again......

Card #6

Stan Williams - much better.  Kind of makes up for the 1987 Dempsey, BUT DOES NOT MAKE UP FOR MY LOST BURRITO FROM THE 1988 SALAZAR CARD!

Card #7

Tommy Helms - you know, I've always had a fascination with the black bordered cards - I remember as a kid seeing this at card shows, but most were beat up or in bad shape because of the black border.

Card #8 (last card)

Sigh...I give up...I'm putting the rest of these stupid cards up on Ebay or for trade. 



Wicked "I bet yo momma's got some codes" Liquids


Play at the Plate said...

Half of yours were vintage? That's a great ratio. I only had 4/13 that were vintage. Nice pulls.

Wickedliquids said...

Yeah, you pulls were good too. I was trying to mathmatically figure out how to break the code....such a nerd!

Steve E. said...

How many more Millions cards do you have left unredeemed? What would you want to them for?

Anonymous said...

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