Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wildfire Schultz T213!

Won this off of Ebay on a last minute snipe - again, I have this thing for T213's and this is another example. I think that's a total of 5? I know that with this set, there are only about 120 known T213's, not as large as the 516 number from the T206 set.

Again, you can see on the back of the scan, from my earlier post - finding higher graded ones are a bit difficult and when you do, there's an almost immediate jump in price. This one will grade low, but with the price point that I was able to get it at, I'm pretty happy!

Oh yeah, and I added a Michael Beasley relic card to my Goodwin set - which is coming along nicely. I'll update my needs list tomorrow.

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