Saturday, February 20, 2010

Added these two nice cards to cross of the list.....

I'm still feeling like shit and my head and sinus' are whupping my ass right now. I'm making a run to Target later to pick up some medicine because this is just now starting to get a bit ridiculous. 

Anyway, I added these two super nice cards to mark off my checklist.

The Longoria is awesome and for $32, I think I got a pretty damn good deal.  It's a short print auto, I believe at 249 total, so inline with the rest of the other short prints.  The Ripken, although NOT a short print, sure as hell is priced like one lol.  It wasn't too bad and he was definitely one I needed to cross off.

I'm inching closer to finishing the Relic set, very close actually, and I think I'll have it complete sometime in March, with the exception of a few.  Once I do finish it, the best way I can anyway, I'll move immediately into the base, mini, foil, Gypsy Queen, and auto set.

Ok, more later (I'll probably pick up a few packs at Target)


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