Monday, February 8, 2010

Target day!

Yeah, I know, who goes to Target on Monday mornings?  Me.


I go to Target once a week because I have to do some purchasing for the office.  And as usual, I pick up around $40 to $50 worth of retail junk.  Needless to say, most everything shown here is for trade.  By the way, sorry for the crappy pics, but I'm at the office and I don't have my scanner and I won't have time tonight to do much scanning (I'm expecting yet another mail day).

So, this is what I have:

Let's start with the SP 2008 Rookie Edition.  Best card was a Ray Rice, SP rookie.

T206 - nothing major other than an Ichiro (I'm seriously considering backing out of making a set of this stuff - the cards really don't look that great and I've had worse luck with these than with some of the junk Upper Deck has put out.  Very much considering these to throw into the mail-outs).

Topps 2010

Love love love, the inserts! I definitely am not going to collect the base set - those are all going out on mail-outs, but I'm going to try to complete the inserts; they're fun and actually pretty decent looking.  The Honus Wagner, Peak Performance is my favorite (of course there's bias because I'm a vintage collector).  Oh, I also got another one of those Million card give-away things; what's up with these cards?  What are you suppose to turn them in for?

2009 Goodwin - nothing worth mentioning other than a SSP #195 that I needed for a set.

You know, I promise, I will scan every card up for trade sometime this week, for sure.  What ever I don't scan, they're going into the mail.  If you want to send anything back, please look at my needs list and if you see something I need, send it over :)

2010 Upper Deck - meh....for a standard base set, they're fine.  Will I be buying more, nope.  I can already tell, these cards have lack of innovation - purely, simple base cards with a little foil.  Even the inserts are pretty shoddy - I've noticed with Upper Deck, don't bother getting retail if you're looking for hits; you're WAYYYY better off sticking with Topps (I've gotten some fun hits from retail Topps, but with Upper Deck, I TRULY feel like I'm throwing my money away after every pack).

The cards I got from UD are going into the mail-away/bipping lot.

Ok, more later!


Wicked "Your mom doesn't like UD either" Liquids


camclow said...

Amen! Target on monday mornings, I like a block away from Target, what's wrong with buyin cards before class? Absolutely nothing, That's what!

SpastikMooss said...

Whoa wait...what's the Piazza 1995 Topps card in your 2010 Topps group picture. It can't be a card your mom threw out right, because he won the ROY in 1993. Is it an accidental inclusion (either by you or the pack) or is it something mysterious?

Wickedliquids said...

lol it's part of the YMTR set - not sure why it wasn't his rookie card (Maybe cuz they have Jeter that year?)

SpastikMooss said...

Very weird...