Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mail day and Target Packs....

Well, I rolled through Target today, not to buy cards, but to get ready for this little football game going on tomorrow - so I picked up a few packs, because, well, how can you NOT?

I haven't bought many football cards in recent years.  Although I absolutely LOVE football with a passion, I'm more of a football memorabilia collector, not a card collector.  Back in Houston in storage, I have quite a few football cards, but as of recent, not so much.

I picked up this stuff:

I heard the Chicle stuff was hit 'n miss, so I had to pick up a few retail packs just to see what the big deal is (all cards pictured here are up for trade by the way - again, I don't sell - trade only por favor!)

And this is what I got from the packs : 
I like the China Clipper card from this set

The Montana and Young mini's were my favorite.  Overall, I'm actually impressed with these cards.  Yes, a few of the artist renditions weren't my favorite, but for the most part, a pretty fun set of cards.  I doubt I'll collect or try to complete a set, but it's fun for me to pick up a few things and check out the new stuff - and of course all these are up for trade.
Next up:

Now, let's see what we got:
Now the Gridiron card are super pretty - but I remember now why I never really picked these up - I had bought several packs, but pretty much got shit cards - for some reason, I have NEVER had very good luck with Donruss or Panini - which is why I don't buy their products.  I think last year, I spent a total of $30 in their products - THAT's how much I don't like the way they collate their cards.

The best out of the T206 pack was this:

Andrew Miller, Cycle Back....meh!

I have absolutely NO intention to collect Series 1 or 2; the checklist with the inserts is beyond daunting to me and reminiscent of filler cards.  In other words, the Topps design team came together and said, "Hey, let's fill this set up with a lot of junk."  And I feel that for the most part, that's exactly what they did.  I don't mean to sound bitter, but let's face the facts, this stuff was meant for the kiddies, and that's very cool - but I think most of us, well, at least ME, will be sticking with the mid-to higher end stuff.  BUT that don't mean I won't buy a few packs here and there for fun!  And that's exactly what I did!

Out of the four packs - these were my favorite:

That Pujol's is tight!  I might actually try and complete a mini-set of the mini-red backed Target inserts.  They're fairly fun.  The rest of the cards - meh, I'm already adding them to the team/player loot list to the right ---------------->
Now, the mail day stuff:

Ironic I would end up with 2 Jermaine Dye's - the SSP from Goodwin and the Relic from Ginter - I needed both.  I picked up another Brandon Webb by accident as usual - what I mean by that is sometimes, I put out mass, start-price bids on Ebay and sometimes, I end up winning several of them; this has resulted in doubles, triples, even quadruples of relic and auto cards - I think this is as close to bipping ones-self as you can get.  Or as I like to refer to it as - BIP-icide! I'll show you a pic of that tomorrow!  Once I get my 4th Alex Hinshaw Goodwin Auto delivered to me grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

And last, but not least, my two favorite cards, eagerly awaiting to be shown:


I actually have a Lebron Goodwin Relic Already - the problem is, as many as I've seen up for sale, I've NEVER seen one with a red swatch.   Could this be a 1 of 1?  Who knows.  I bought because it looked hella cool and goes well with the white jersey Lebron I have.

Next is:

This card is PIMP!  Why?  Because it's hella short printed and finding one come up...well, go ahead and do a search - this card just does not come up very often.  This card, along with a few other players, have an SP run of only 25.  That's pretty low.  And I got this card for only 25% of the Yamaguchi card - which by the way, has double the print run of this card.  I guess it's a popularity thing.

I also picked up a few more SP's as well, but I'll post those when I get them.  Ok guys, have fun tonight and have more fun tomorrow - I'll post soon!


Wicked "Wants to watch the Super Bowl with your mom" Liquids


Jeremy said...

Would you be interested in trading for the Juaquin and the Ryan Grant Chicle cards? I have some Goodwin cards or some Allen and Ginter that you might be interested in.

Wickedliquids said...

Hi Jeremy - yuppers, they're yours - message me your addy and I'll send them out to you next round I do mail outs :)