Friday, February 26, 2010

Am a Goodwin Expert?

Apparently, I am considered (by at least ONE person) to be a Goodwin expert.

And I'm ok with this; I guess in the pursuit of a complete master set, I've focused more heavily on Goodwin than Ginter or the T206's.  I'm somewhat knowledgeable of the T206's, but nowhere near an expert.  As for Ginter, I know enough to get by.  So that would leave Goodwin as my bread and butter. 

I've helped update the Goodwin section at the Baseball-Card-Pedia site and I'm religiously scouring the various boards about Goodwin.

And I have every reason to believe that I'll be the 2010 Topps National Chicle expert as well - I've seen even more pics at the Beckett Blog and reviewing the checklists, not only is this set attainable, but it's not NEARLY as obnoxious in size as the base 2010 Topps or Upper Deck sets.  In fact, there are LESS autos/relics in the Chicle set than there are in Ginter.  In addition, the numbers are somewhat similar to Goodwin's in regards to quantity and checklist.  So, with that said, I'll be pre-ordering a box of the stuff from either Adam and Dave's Cardworld or Atlanta Sportscards - whichever has the lowest price (I'm guessing Atlanta as they always seem to have a better price and their boxes seem luckier - great, I just jinxed myself).  And there'll be a review once I get them.

In the meantime, some of you will notice that I've dropped the number of needed Goodwin relics to.....

Yah!  Only 10 more to go.  Actually, it's a little bit higher, but I've ordered/won some cards that are on the way, which leaves me with 10.  I'll do a post, probably around mid-March, with the last, few, mythical Relics that I'll be chasing and it may be a very long time to obtain them.

I've gone as far as to contact Upper Deck about them (which they never responded - not even with a courtesy email) so I guess I'm on my own - and with ya'lls help, I might be able to track them down!

Ok, more later!

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