Sunday, February 7, 2010

It must be Super Bowl Sunday!

One of the best days of the year, and one of the worst!  Why?  It's the best because it's the SuperBowl!  And it's the worst because the closest thing to football I have to watch before next season is arena football.  Which is not exactly my cup of tea.

Anyway, as I said earlier, I don't really collect that much football in regards to cards.  What I DO collect when it comes to football is memorabilia - I prefer to stick with HOF'ers, like Walter Payton for example.  In fact when it comes to football memorabilia, Walter Payton is my white whale, so to speak.  His stuff is so expensive, it's on the epic level.


I think Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Thurman Thomas, Walter Payton - those four are the most epic, modern day running backs ever.
And before those guys, there was this guy, who set that standard - not just smash-mouth running into the pocket, but also the grace to fly through, over, under, and around those defenders:

Earl Campbell - epic University of Texas, then Houston Oiler running back.
Ironic that my two favorite RB's are from opposing schools.  Apparently, since I'm a Longhorn, I'm not suppose to like Barry Sanders.  Yeah, RIGHT!  That's not going to happen - Barry rocked it as did Earl.

Ok, have a good Super Bowl everyone!


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Jeremy said...

Those are two really nice autographs for your collection.