Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mail day, Mail day, good 'ol Mail day!

A Mail day today, unlike any other! Why? I'll show you in a second.

In the meantime, Mr. Papelbon below arrived to be added with the rest of his buddies. I think I paid a tiny bit too much for it, but it's ok. I'm going to be more thorough when it comes to picking up cards, that's for damn sure lol

I actually needed these four to finish the insert sets from Ginter - I have the base set, with SP's complete, but all the little insert sets with Ginter are a pain my f*cking ass. By the way, the Runaway Bride and the Fairy thing is pretty interesting - ya'll should google it. And yes, I said "fairy." Stop laughing.

And here's another large batch of cards to mark off my list. What puzzles me the most about this lot that I won, was the Evelyn Ng. She's a poker player! And there's a Phil Helmuth auto card from Goodwin that goes for some insane coin. Again, a POKER player??!! Neither one is a SP, but bidding can get a little out of hand with both of them. Am I missing the boat on something? If I am, someone please fill me in on this bullshit.

And finally, the card that everyone at one point thought would be UN-attainable....arrived on my door-steps. Awhile back ago, Topps wrote me a letter, as with everyone else that had redeemed this card, that it appeared the individual would NOT be signing and sent me a Kerry Strug card instead. From 2008. I don't even collect 2008. Needless to say, I was not happy. I was SOOOO pissed off as a matter of fact, I sent EVERY SINGLE TOPPS CARD I OWNED, WHICH INCLUDED ALLEN & GINTER, REGULAR TOPPS, TOPPS HERITAGE...EVERYTHING WITH THE TOPPS LOGO, and placed it into a box and SENT IT BACK TO THEM. I pretty much told them that I didn't want their crap. Needless to say, I do not buy their stuff exclusively anymore - simple packs here and there and buy only the cards I need from Ebay or other places or trade for the Ginter set.

Anyway, without further ado....for your viewing pleasure, freshly scanned....

Ms. Cat Osterman
2009 Allen & Ginter
(My very first ever redemption card I have ever obtained)

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