Monday, February 15, 2010 is a bit slow....

Just an FYI and as expected, is being as slow as predicted.  I  haven't registered or inputted any cards (because they're all at home anyway) but to simply navigate through the website isn't working.  It's coming up, then offline, then up, then offline - which would be as expected as I'm sure, and without a doubt, that there are probably close too 100,000 cards that are already able to be redeemed, which means 1/10th of the million cards are already spoken for.

For those of you looking for a high-dollar card, I can say that I haven't see anything of tremendous value come across before I got booted.  I also wanted to clarify something about this contest.  One of the coded cards does NOT have the '52 Mantle. The '52 Mantle is part of a contest near the end of this Million Card program.  Although there are many other cards you can pull, like a Hank Arron, Nolan Ryan, Roger Maris, tons of fantastic players, but the Mantle card is not one of them.  Just an FYI.

I think I'm going to wait later in the week to try to redeem my cards - makes no sense now since you can't even get to the front page.


Wicked "Yo momma's slow as hell" Liquids

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