Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Small mail day - BIG mail day!

My obscene quest continues to complete the master Goodwin set - below you'll find Mr. Richard, a SSP, #191 that I can cross off my set. Ironically, I'm now 90% complete on the base set (missing mostly the SP's, but I've got something special up my sleeve that I'm going to try to pull off later this week - I'll share that with ya'll when I get down to it).

I also sniped a VERY cool and VERY limited SP auto card tonight to add to the set - I'll post on that when the card comes in - I absolutely LOVE it when I'm able to snipe successfully - I'm 100% sure it pisses of the under-bidder, but hey, that's how auctions work. God knows I've lost my fair share of auctions because I was sniped at the last minute. POW - I snipe, just like this....

And finally, the other half of my mail day. Never, ever thought I'd actually own one of these, but nevertheless, I went for it and.....tadaa!

Junior himself - Mr. Griffey autographed bat! PIMP IT! You guys would cry if you knew what I paid for it

More later!


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