Monday, February 8, 2010


I just updated my needs list on the relic checklist side (look to the sidebar on the right) and I'm down to only 21 more!!!!  Insane!  Out of 98 relics, I've been able to grab 77 of them.  Out of the final 21, a few are going to be super hard - I got outbid on the Dimaggio last night, which super pissed me off.  The seller told me the reserve and he told me that's what he told me before.  Uh, no you didn't asshole, because I never asked you what the reserve was to begin with.  Fucking idiot.

Anyway, I've got a few of the SP's already, like the Jordan, Reyes, and the Utley.  I almost had the Dimaggio, but I'm kind of glad that I didn't pay the $80 for it.  Why?  Because in my mind, unless it's a vintage Dimaggio, no current card of his should be worth that much. And again, with it being from UD, you simply never know if 1000 more will pop up next year - because that's how McWilliam's does his business.

Anyway, be on the lookout for me and if you see something, hit me up!


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