Friday, February 12, 2010

The White Whales of Goodwin Champions

With all the talk now officially shifting over to the new 2010 stuff, the string of 2009 stuff is slowly dwindling down, and I don't blame the masses.  I have every intention of trying to put a 2010 Chicle set (baseball) and possibly this years Allen & Ginter set, ONLY if I have the mini set complete from A & G, which is very possible.  And I have the full year to do it as if I recall, A&G doesn't usually come out till the last half of the year, midway the last half or almost the last quarter.

I'll be updating my Goodwin needs AND A&G needs this weekend, probably Sunday.  I have won most of what I need on the relics set and they'll slowly be arriving ( I have at LEAST 39 more mail-days coming).  There are just a smattering, about 4 or 5 of the NON-short print relics that I still need, but I'll easily win them on Ebay or trade for them without problem.

Which leaves me with these four pesky relics that are beginning to annoy me.  And I'm going to share with you a bit of personal hobby tid-bits about the cards (this I could only do after my research).

In no particular order:

#1  Buffalo Bill Cody
After some research, I've come to find out that this relic was the ONLY one that was not issued in packs, but rather redemptions.  As far as I know, only 1 of these have been redeemed.  A little conversation that I was reading on Freedom Card Board was the fact that the material on this card is NOT a piece of clothing as some people thought; it's actually a sliver of wood.  More specifically, it's apparently a piece of wood from a chair that Cody once owned.  I don't know about ya'll, but I'm not really ready to pay a premium for a chair.  

#2 Lyndon B. Johnson
The fabric on this card is from one of his suits.  I'm a little puzzled why they chose to produce such a low number of this card, which stands at about 5.  His actual artifacts are very, very plentiful as he was a fairly recent American President and actual articles that once belonged to him can be found frequently, in full form without it being cut.   I'm not sure if Beckett, Tuff Stuff, or any other pricing model can put a price on either this or the Cody card.  I CAN say without a doubt that if there is one, it will be ludacris.  Again, I cannot foresee myself paying a premium for this.

#3 Ted Williams
Apparently cut from a jersey, this print run actually is not that low, with about 40 of these cards produced.  Again, there's a LOT of relic material available for him, including autographed material, that I simply cannot accept paying a whole lot of money for a card when I could substitute it with an on-card auto for a few dollars more.  As a matter of fact, for what some people that will try to sell a card like this for a premium, you could probably get a Williams autographed ball, for maybe $200 more (well, I KNOW you can actually - I just lost an auction for a Mantle and Williams signed ball - it went for $600, I was the under-bidder at $500).  So realistically, this card shouldn't carry a premium.

#4 Joe Dimaggio
Sigh....that's all I can do - sigh....I've seen this card up at least 5 times on Ebay the last year, but I never really paid attention.  For some strange reason, someone has a Buy It Now price on the card for $200.  WHAT??!!! Are you freaking insane?  All I have to say to that is....STOOPID!  Joe's stuff, although carries a premium, isn't NEARLY as rare as some would think - case in point, you can go to Adam and Dave's Card World and get an authentic, full auto (not cut) for only $125.  Don't believe me?  Look:  Joe Dimaggio Pinnacle Auto.   So why would anyone pay $200?  Well, obviously someone with WAY more money than me and is far more anal retentive than I am, that's for damn sure. Honestly, the most I would pay for any of the cards above, is no more than $60 each, and that's pushing it.  Hell, from one of my earlier posts, I picked up the Jordan relic for all of $40!!!!

Anyway, I like this set only because of it's simplicity - nothing flashy or gimmicky - a solid rendition of players, or whom have you, and a simple logo and design. 

But not some bullshit prices that some sellers are asking for.  But hey, that's what I enjoy about collecting - as a buyer, I have the right to tell the seller to fuck off.

Which I've gladly done about hundred-thousand times.



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