Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Which would you pick? Vintage T206 Tris Speaker or Modern Day Ford?

Here's a screenshot of a couple of auctions that I'm low-ball bidding right now.  The definition of low-ball bidding is this:  I slowly, by small increments, increase the bids on auctions.  I do this with Hunt Auctions, Heritage Auctions, Ebay, Lelands, etc.  By doing this, the collectors who are on the fence, deciding whether or not they want the card(s), get's pushed off the fence, which leaves only the serious bidders who really are chasing that card; the "Great Chase."

Obviously I'm the under-bidder on both the auctions and you can see that I bid up both cards to nearly identical dollar amounts.  And you can see that only 2 hours separate the end of the auctions.  So, here is my question to you:  Which would you rather win?  The 2009 Goodwin Champions Whitey Ford auto, short printed to 25, or the 1909-1911 T206 Tris Speaker?

I'm a straight up vintage guy and I'll chase that Speaker all day long.  But I need that Ford to complete the auto-set from Goodwin.  There are 3 or 4 Speakers up on Ebay now; there is only one Whitey Ford.  So again, decisions, decisions - which would YOU pick?


Wicked "I'd pick yo' momma!" Liquids


Captain Canuck said...

I'd go with Speaker... but then again as a set collector, the Ford might..........

Wickedliquids said...

Yeah, I'm thinking the Speaker as well...lol

Roy said...

Speaker. It's 100 years old.