Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Upper Decks new fun?

From Upper Deck - you can read the original post here - Upper Deck Double Take Variation Contest

(and yes, you'll see my personal notes in yellow!)

‘Double Take’ Variation Cards in Upper Deck Series One Baseball Will Keep Collectors Hunting through June

First baseball card set for 2010 contains unique variations of select base-set cards; cool prizes await lucky collectors who complete 25-card set! 

Carlsbad, CA (February 9, 2010) – With the releases of its first baseball card set of the New Year, the Upper Deck Company is excited to announce a unique “variation card” promotion that should send collectors clamoring for both hobby and retail packs of 2010 Upper Deck Series One Baseball. A total of 25 of the 600-card first series set’s base-level cards have scarce variation cards featuring between two and four subtle tweaks to the image shown on the commonly seeded version of the card that collectors will need to keep an eye out for.
In a tribute to last year’s championship match-up, the first two cards batting leadoff for this promotion belong to Jorge Posada (# 347) and Chase Utley (# 376). See if you can find all three variations on Posada’s card and all four variations on Utley’s. Through June, Upper Deck will be announcing weekly the remaining players (and their corresponding card numbers) to seek out. 

Of note, one in every 96 hobby packs (and one in 960 retail packs) (WHATEVER - I'M NOT BEING A SINGLE BOX OF THIS)  will contain a “Double Take” variation card. Furthermore, some Double Take variations are considerably scarcer – up to six times, in fact – than others. Thus, don’t be surprised to find some cards surface more quickly than others after the cards are announced.

“This should be a lot of fun for collectors as they seek out the variation cards,” said Gabriel Garcia, Upper Deck’s Baseball brand manager. “We’ll be announcing more and more players every month up until July, so collectors really need to be on top of things to keep track.” (or as per the stated odds of getting a variation card, purchase approximately 2,400 hobby packs of boring design and fairly numb inserts, OR 24,000 packs of retail - oh yeah, and break the bank while your at it, because at that rate, this variation set has a street value, assuming $2 for retail or $5 for hobby, you're looking at spending $12,000.00 to $48,000 for the set.  Which means each card is worth between $480 to $1920 each!!!).

Autographed baseball memorabilia from Upper Deck Authenticated awaits the first five resourceful collectors who complete the 25-card variation first series set and send it in to Upper Deck headquarters for verification. Note: All sets will be returned to their respective owners once the contest deadline closes. Further information will be revealed in the coming weeks regarding the promotion’s entry rules and deadline.


Ya'll know SOMEONE out there is going to finish this set.  And as to what the prize was, it was never announced, so unless it has a minimum $50K value, actually, I take that back, it should have at least a $75K to $100K dollar amount attached to it, this set is not worth it.  I can absolutely SEE these cards popping up on Ebay and people feverishly bididng on these to try to complete a set. 
Trust me, if I ever score one of the variant cards, I'll put the scan here, then I'll have a special section on the side-bar tracking it's daily progress and the $$$'s go up.



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