Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finally, a few packs, mail-days, and cool cards

Ok, I'm home, after a 2 hour, traffic filled drive.  I'm cold, tired, and I've been dying to play Call of Duty.  So, let's get to business, alright?

First up

Brian from Play at the Plate came through and hooked me up!  You're Chicle cards are in the mail (or rather, were in the mail cuz I sent them out last week lol)  I snuck in a few other cards too ^.^!  Incidentally, I'm going to package up MORE stuff to mail out this weekend which will go out next Monday.  What cracks me up is that  I've had these packed up, but need to add MORE cards to the mix hahaha  Even Waxaholic is getting stuff - gotta go to the post office for that one cuz it's heading up north to Canada.

Some cards to mark off the old checklist.  Ya know, I seriously cannot wait to get to my loot back in Texas...I keep talking about it....sigh.....I have a ton of fun stuff that's dying to be mailed out lololol.

Thanks again Brian!!!  I'll keep sending you loot :)

Next up!

Pimp.  Just Pimp.

Paul Molitor? A Pimp?  Hells yeah.  As I stated before, I don't mind outing my auctions every once in awhile - this just so happens to be one that I refused to out.  And, out of all the short print relics in Goodwin, I intentionally left this one out.   Why?  Because in the last 6 months, I've seen exactly 3 of these come up.  The first time, I let it pass because I wasn't aware it was a short print and I wasn't sure if I was going to collect the relics.  Well, we all know where I am with that now, don't we?

This one finally came up again - actually, two of them, about 1 day apart.  Although not terribly expensive, I knew it would carry a premium.  BECAUSE THIS MOLITOR RELIC CARRYS A PRINT RUN EVEN SMALLER THAN THE DIMAGGIO!  The Dimaggio has a print run of only 20.  The Molitor has a print run of only 15!  In other words, NOW I know for a FACT that for those collectors out there trying to complete a 2009 Goodwin Relic set, there is exactly 14 other people out there that can complete it - because I took one of the 15 cards.  Muwahahahahahahahaha!

Ok, enough evil laugh. 

Next! Mr. James Shields

For some strange reason, Mr. Shields here, although not a short print, sells fairly well - that is, there's a demand for the card, but because it's relatively available, I always seemingly got outbid on this card by a staggering $0.25.  This shit pissed me off.  Ok, no it didn't lol.  But I did pick it up for like $2, so no complaints :)


Sickness.  It must but a Paul Molitor Day.

Wow, what a kick-ass group of autos.  First up, the Molitor - yet another SP with a run of 25 - major score!  I have several SP cards now with limited runs, so I KNOW I pissed off a few set collectors out there with this score.  Hella good price too, so I'm happy.  The Atkins, not a short print, but another card that I was constantly losing at no more than a quarter or $0.50 cents.  Annoying.  The Roy White - now I LIKE this card.  Undoubtedly, NY fans were buying this card, not set collectors and on the secondary market, this card has a pretty strong price.  I noticed the seller was selling all 3 of these cards, so with the Molitor being my chaser, I said to hell with it and bid up all 3 - and won all three.  I am uber excited about these cards and they make an awesome addition to my collection.

On a side note, the auto cards collection chase is going to be a major pain in my ass and I am beginning to doubt my wanton desire to complete that set; the secondary market on marquee players is amazingly painful to even look at.  There's a Jeter up on the Bay now, with a BIN price of $500.00.  There's no way I'm squandering that kind of money on a modern day card - in fact, in a few seconds, you'll see why.  I'm noticing the same thing on the Jordan, which I've seen go for $800, and the Lebron, going for a strong $400.  Just not my cup of tea with modern day cards.  But what WOULD I spend that kind of money for?

This:  (which came in the mail yesterday)

I know what you're thinking - Ganley?  What's a Ganley?  WHO's a Ganley?

It's Bob Ganley.  It's an original T206, not a buy back.  Which by the way, Topps can't "buy-back" this card because they never made them to begin with.

Believe it or not, I don't only look at the modern day stuff on Ebay and around the boards, but I ALSO keep a keen eye out for my beloved T206's.  The Bob Ganley, including several other common T206's, are considered the most difficult to find a good condition.

Imagine a 1988 Bo Jackson Topps card that you need to complete your set, but the only ones you seem to find up for sale are piss-poor, beaten the hell up, kind of cards.  So when a NICE condition 1988 Bo Jackson comes up, book guide states it's worth $.10 cents, but bidding has skyrocketed the card to $20.  You're thinking, "WHAT THE HELL??!!"  Yuppers, that would be Bob Ganley's T206 card.  Although you can't do a search for it now because none of have sold recently other than the one I bought for $30, you'll see that this card, even in modest condition, have spiraled upwards from anywhere from $75 to $125 ranges.  So I figured I would bid, no snipe, and just let it ride, and I won it.  I'm super happy about this purchase and now if I can hit up some Ty Cobb's......sigh......


Oh damn, that was awesome.  Um.  I think I had one more thing to post....Oh yeah, my Target packs.


I did buy four packs of Topps and two of them had the million card giveway cards - meh, so much for the 1 in 6 odds.  I did NOT however redeem them - I noticed that the cards are NOT predetermined; in other words, the code on your card does not have a card on the Topps end that's been determined already. I'm fairly confident that it's all randomized.  So check the main redemption page and if you see a string of older cards, THEN redeem.  If not, hold on to them.  At least that's what I'm thinking.  So I'll wait to redeem those later this week ^.^!

Jeesh, I just shoved my cards in my pantry and.....grrrrrrrrrr....I have major freaking mail-out day for many of ya'll next week, so for those of ya'll who got cards in the mail already, imma send some more.  I gotta clear this stuff out!

And I'll update my needs list this weekend fo' sure!

Ok, now I am SERIOUSLY needing some PS3 time, so imma go play.

More later!

Wicked "I just sniped yo' momma, how you like that?" Liquids

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Play at the Plate said...

That Ganley is nice in any condition. I'm glad you got the cards ok and also glad to help just a small bit with the set. I actually just opened a package from you....thanks!