Thursday, February 11, 2010

A little bit of a mail day.....

I get home a tiny bit earlier than I normally do and I do my usual thing of checking the mailbox...which was STUFFED...with these:

So, let's see what we have up in envelope #1: Jimmy Rollins from Allen & Ginter - won it for a staggering sum of $0.99, pretty good price.  Too bad the shipping was absolute rape. 

Envelope #2:  Oh yah! Take one more relic off my checklist - which I'll be updating that number to the right as soon as I finish this post.

Envelope #3: Mr. Craig Nettles of the Yankees.  I personally like this card a lot; has nothing to do with the Yankees, but I remember being a very little kid, watching him play on television.  Strike another one from the checklist!

Envelope #4:  Won an auction for $4.25 for 30 A&G mini's with the Ginter back.  It's so funny because as I'm trying to complete this set, I don't distinguish between the normal backs and the A&G backs - I just want to make the damn set and be on with it lol

Envelope #6: Heck yeah, the Freak has arrived.  This kid is phenomenal - at his age and 2 Cy Young awards under his belt, no major injuries - he's going to be around for awhile.  And there's not a team in the NL that wouldn't take him in 2 seconds; If I recall, he was getting paid something like $600K, which in baseball terms, is NOTHING.  I hope he doesn't, or maybe I do, go into arbitration because he's due for a major raise.

Envelope #7: Vernon Wells - another A&G I can mark of my checklist.  My Goodwin Relics checklist outpaces my A&G checklist almost 5 to 1 at this point.

Envelope #8:  Now this one is a fun one; I needed EVERY single one of these cards OTHER than the Hinshaw plate....ugh....I just realized something...I am very well on the way of committing BIP-icide!!!  Good god, what is with this Hinshaw guy?? Why does he keep ending up in my collection? 

And apparently I got a steal on this lot because the price of the Obama variation has skyrocketed from about $15 to $20 and now it is up to the princely sum of about $800.00 - I kid you not!  Go ahead and type in Goodwin Obama on Ebay and check it out!  I'm rich!

And last, but not least, envelope #9:  A Justin Masterson auto-card.  For some strange reason, the idiot sellers of EBay have this absolute LOVE to call nearly every relic and every auto a SP.  For the uber-intelligent group that read this blog, and others, ya'll know this is bullshit.  The Masterson is NOT a short print - it's just another auto of a pretty decent player for the Sox.  I've bid on this card probably a dozen times and have lost every time except for the last time.  I finally won the card for....anyone want to guess?  Look after the pic....

I paid $0.80 cents, plus $1.50 shipping. Not bad.  Not bad at all.

Ok, that's it for now - I need to get into my card boxes and sort all the cards into their respective slots, or I'll end up with a pantry full of cards just laying around.


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