Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mail Day (on Sunday) and some packs!

Sup playa's & ballah's!

Here are some cards that I got in the mail (and a few packs from a Target run - needed Draino for my tub grrrrr)

Envelope #1:

Brian Roberts - he had an OK year with the O's - I don't know if he'll ever be a superstar, but he's got a long career :)  And I just checked him off my check-list!

Envelope #2
Moving forward on my auto-set, I picked up, yet another, Rick Cerone.  I'm going to commit Bip-icide with Alex Hinshaw and Rick Cerone....because I have ANOTHER Cerone on the way, which makes for a total of 3 so far.....and of course, these go off my checklist as well

Envelope #3
Ah, Miggi himself.  Another impulse Ebay bid and another win at $0.99 cents.  I needed to check him off my list for the Ginter set, so this certainly helps.  And what's with the 70's geri-curl hair style? 

Envelope #4
I needed all three of these, so the timing was good - took'em off my checklist.  I'm not sure why, but Beltran looks hella pissed in that pic - or super focused.  I think it's my favorite of the 3 cards.

Envelope #5
Mr. Patterson - not really a fan, but needed him.  This is turning out to be more of a Ginter mail day than a Goodwin mail day...grrrrr but that's ok - I'm still marking off stuff from both checklists, so I'm content.

Envelope #6 last one for now :)
Alright, now I like this one!  I got a great deal on both cards - the Utley I needed to mark off my list and the Wang was a straight-up impulse bid.  What's bizzare is that I should NOT have won that Wang - it's the Moonlight SP version of his cards and if ya'll do a search for any of the Moonlight variations, they simple sell VERY well, sometimes in upwards of the $20 - $30 range, especially for the Tiger Woods version (don't ask me why).  So I got a super good deal and won this one for $0.99 cents.  I guess no one paid attention or saw it as I put the bid in on the first day it was listed and  it was up for a better part of a week and no one bothered to bid against me.  Love it when that happens!

Ok, now on to a few packs that I picked up:

Wow, talk about mojo, I picked up a pack of SP Threads 2009 football - I needed some variety and break from baseball, and I actually got a hit from retail.  This is so far and few between for me - it was awesome!  The fact that it's a University of Texas alumni and Longhorn, I was very happy to pull the Vince Young Game Day Gear card - very sweet!  I've only picked up maybe 3 or 4 of these packs ever and the photography on these cards are outstanding.  I just didn't buy them often because the price point per card wasn't that interesting to me.

Another impulse buy to break up the monotony - nothing spectacular and the normal 2009 UD basketball cards are as dull as the 2010 baseball cards.  I won't be buying these again.  And yes, they are available for trade, including a Vince Carter base and Carmelo Anthony base.

I picked up a few packs of 2010 UD Baseball and quite frankly I can say in all honesty, these will be the last 2010 UD baseball packs I'll be.  The design is SO dull and lackluster, it's quite un-inspiring.   Although I DO like the predictors a WHOLE lot so if any of you want to trade for those, I'd love to have'em!

Ok, that's it for now - holla at ya'll later!


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