Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This week is....Ke$ha...you know, blah, blah, blah...

I'm so freaking tired, I can't even keep my eyes open long enough to look at Ebay. 

Not only was last week crap-tacularly slow in my hobby world, this week is not off to anything better.  I haven't really bought that much and I'm trying to ease up on buying anything other than what I'm collecting, which means less packs - and this is ok as I noticed from Baseball Card Pedia, which has the listings of all 25 Gimmick, or Double Take, cards listed and quite frankly, I don't give a shit.  No disrespect - but UD did NOT do a very good marketing job here creating a sense of enjoyment or chase to find these cards

But I'm guessing VERY MUCH SO that they took on the gimmick exceptionally precariously because I'm willing to bet Mr. McWilliams KNEW he was going to get tagged by MLB.  So why bother spending a ton of money on cards that won't see the light of day?  Exactly.

So, I'm done with UD.  I'll troll around some of ya'lls blogs to see if you need any 2010 UD and I'll mail those out. 

Same thing with the 2010 Topps - they're not horrible cards, but a bit too...well, I'm not sure how to describe other than...trying to flashy, but ends up being bland?  I get the whole "let's make some fun variations on random cards" thing, but not my cup of tea.  Honestly, I'm STILL going to sit and wait for Chicle.

Oh, this Zito did come in the mail the other day, but I never got to post -

So with Zito checked off, that leaves me with 8 cards left in order to complete the Goodwin Relic set - I think I'm going to change the number to the right so it sounds a little bit like the Final Four....muwahahahahaha

Ok guys, imma go watch some TV and knock the hell out.



Captain Canuck said...

hey dude,
I got that James Parr auto you sent up today... very cool. thanks!

where did you meet James?

Wickedliquids aka MJ said...

I've met James, as with several players, a couple of times in spring training, last year. I use to travel frequently for work and many times, it was in the Southeast. I would try to catch games or signings whenever I would hit up Florida, Georgia, or driving through Miss or Lousiana and even try to catch minor league games. I should post pics of all the cards that I've gotten, which ironically, i'm not an autograph hunter and I've given away probably 90% of my collection- either to relatives or friends or fellow collectors in varying trades. I even gave some away randomly to some of my Ebay buyers when I use to sell a few items here and there on Ebay awhile back ago lol