Friday, January 29, 2010


I'm plucking away at the master Goodwin set at a good pace; I'm not that far from completing the base set, including SP, and not that far from completing the mini-set either. I'm still considering the Gypsy backs as well, but I'm going to move on completing that set at a MUCH slower pace - simply due to lack of the Gypsy's being available - and I'm not paying 5 for a mini-black.

The relic set, as you can see from my checklist, is nearly 50% complete, which is a major accomplishment. I'm plugging away and some of the more difficult relics I've been able to obtain, like Lebron and Jordan. If you look at the short printed relics though, they ARE going to be tough. Some, like Tiger, which isn't a short print, is already tough. But Cody, Molitor, an Dimaggio are going to be near impossibilities. I won't let that stop me though!

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