Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hmmm.....just bought a MJ Goodwin...but...

I watch Ebay and a few other sources to pick up cards for my set. I noticed a couple of days ago that someone had posted up a Michael Jordan Relic card from Goodwin. After thinking about it awhile and doing some research, I found out that this card was a short print. Score!

I bought at a very reasonable price (at least I think so):

Not the EXACT card I picked up, but pretty much the same thing.

After looking at the checklist site, I found out that several cards were short printed, the Jordan being one of them. There are a total of about 9 short print relic cards, most of them are obtainable. With the exception of three that have me a little bit worried.

Buffalo Bill Cody with a print run of only 5 (I have NO idea how I'm going to get this card!)

Paul Molitor with a print run of only 15!

And Lyndon B. Johnson, another print run of only 5!

Another short print relic that's on Ebay now is Joe Dimaggio. When it comes to classic players, I'm against anything chopped up - would have much rather owned the actually jersey than a part of it.

I've bid the card up already, but have failed to meet his reserve price. I'm only guessing that the reserve is fairly high and that's ok - I'll pass on it. I'm only willing to pay a certain amount for modern day cards and that's a strict rule I'll keep up with.

Now, if it was a vintage card, well, that's different. In fact, I'm eyeing a few vintage Cobb's and Johnson's right now that I'm pretty excited about. I'll keep ya'll up-to-date on whether or not I pull the trigger on those!

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