Saturday, January 30, 2010

Knocked out two more....

cards yesterday. I got a small mail day which consisted of #152 SP from Goodwin and a relic card of someone I completely do not recall at the moment.

I also LOST an auction for a Tiger relic - this card isn't a SP, but people believe it to be and it's driving the cost of the card straight up - that's ok, when 2010's version comes out, this card will drop in price. My goal still is the same for Goodwin - that is, to have the base, sp, and mini set complete by the spring with the relics as close to being done then as well - again, I can already feel I'll be left with several of the SP's that will be a bit of a challenge to acquire, but I'll try anyway.

Ok, more later - gonna try to drop by a card shop today after work and see if they have anything worth picking up.

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