Wednesday, January 27, 2010

There's a challenge when....

collecting vintage material. The new stuff is relatively easy and for the equivalent of what I'm willing to pay for a vintage card, I can easily obtain three or four dozen modern cards.

Case in point:

This is not the exact card I'm bidding on (the picture is courtesy of Mile High Auctions) and I normally don't let on what I'm bidding on, but this is a case in which I simply don't win.

The higher I bid on Cobb's cards (E90's, T206's - pretty much anything vintage), the higher the card sells for, so obviously there are a few select collectors out there that want the card more than I do. I've looked on VCP a few times and I can only gather the fact that the cards are a good investment and have continued to go up. As long as there's a demand, the price will always keep up.

So, needless to say, I think this is my "white whale." Since I started collecting vintage last year, I've always wanted to pick up an original Ty Cobb and I'll continue to make that attempt.

After Cobb, it's Lajoie, then Johnson, and so forth.

Ok, more later!

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